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Are They Really Concerned or Feeling Left Out?

I am a big fan of Allyson Cohen, and her “Detecting Diva” blog.  She’s an extremely knowledgeable detectorist,  as well as the Vice president and treasurer for the Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights.  Allyson’s latest blog post of March 25th, caught my attention, and I hope you all will take the time to read it, especially the PDF attachment from the Society for American Archaeology. The topic?  Metal detecting reality shows, and in particular “Diggers”. Continue reading


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Guess Who Put Down His Beer?

Howl5Finally, a word from across the pond. Had thought perhaps John  Howland was on one of those extended beer binges, but he claims not. Anyway, here’s John’s 199th contribution to the Malamute Saloon! Continue reading

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So What Else is New?

The email I received from “Marcus” a few days ago got me thinking again (yeah, I know, you lose)….  I want to know just what is it that I can be sharing here that would really be useful to you.  I mean I do want my blog to be informative and worth your time, but honestly I am about to turn 74, and have pretty much shared all I can when it comes to swinging a metal detector.  Continue reading


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The FMDAC’s Groundhog Day…

Well, the FMDAC finally woke up from its winter’s sleep and made three startling announcements. (1)They are having a get-together in October (what a surprise), (2) they need money (what else is new), and (3) that the prez and vice-prez, would be on the American Digger’s Relic Roundup show, Monday (their yearly public appearance to announce their event and tell everyone they are really alive) . Continue reading


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Monday Madness…

Hope you all have your NCAA brackets filled out and bets placed.  March Madness is about to begin, and I love it! 

As for my detecting?  The ground is like a sponge right now. So bad in fact my walker got stuck!  Not complaining however because we need rain badly. Continue reading


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Going Blind…

The “just do it” Nike phrase has pretty much been my mantra over the years.  Not always a good thing mind you, but just the way I roll. I am an impulsive individual, a Gemini, and if I make my mind up to do something, I usually do it, no matter the consequences. Continue reading


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The More the Merrier?

I see where Minelab has now come out with a line called Go-Find, consisting of three detectors for the beginner. The Go-Find model 20 sells for $179, the 40, $229 and the 60, $309. Quite a contrast to the GPZ 7000, also a recent release, priced at $12,500. Continue reading


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A Change of Pace…


After the last post I decided to mellow out and have a little fun… Continue reading


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Will We Ever Grow Up?

A few things happened over the past couple of days and I just had to vent…

When will this pastime grow up and act professional?  Seriously. I have tried to follow along on various websites, blogs, FB pages and even podcasts, and all I ever see are the same redundant, mundane, repetitive and childish representations of what we do, who we are and what we are about…. Continue reading


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What’s Your Moniker?

Interesting post on a FB detecting page..”what do people in the hobby of metal detecting prefer to be called”?

A few responses….  M.D.r’s. Detectorists, Swingers, Diggers, Treasure Hunters, Prospectors, Dirt Fishermen, Archemetalogist, History Hunters, Dirt Diggers, Relic Hunters, Active Dreamers, Sunburned Seekers and Discoverers. Continue reading


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