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Remembering Old Haunts…

Now that I live in Texas and not able to get out detecting that much I find myself thinking about all the old haunts of years ago, most of them now extinct. I’ve probably mentioned them here before but since I’ve been labeled over the hill I’m allowed to be amnesic…. Continue reading


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The Heat is On…

The “hot” has returned to Texas and while it’s not keeping me from detecting (my well beaten body does that) it has me in a funk. Too humid to venture out of the house and perusing cyberspace is the same ole. Same tekkies finding the good stuff, same tekkies cranking out videos like there’s no tomorrow and same topics, same answers on the forums.

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Q & A with Stef Tanguay

I’ve never met Stef Tanguay but she somehow feels like an old friend. Her name and her finds are all over social media. Likewise Stef Digs, her YouTube channel boasts 2.82K subscribers. Thank you Stef for the taking the time to share your story.!! Continue reading


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Turning 80…

Well today I reached the ripe ole age of 80, and as Mickey Mantle once said “if I had known I’d live this long I have taken better care of myself”. Continue reading


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