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Just Chillin’ & Grillin’…


Ten days since my last post and I am feeling guilty. During this time John Winter managed to piss off the wannabe archaeologist in Warsaw, Andy Baines found a mini stash and Aurelia is back once again detecting. Here in Texas, it’s still hot and I am at a standstill. Continue reading


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Poor Johnny…

The recent back and forth about company support for hunts and programs struck a chord with me in that I used to be on the receiving end when I was Marketing Manager for Garrett back in the late 80’s. There was never ever a slow day when it came to people or groups asking about freebies for some event or project. Continue reading


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Some Folks Are No Fun At All…

Whites Electronics is currently working on a new website and when it’s finished it’s going to be a dandy. The new “Support” page is very cool and I especially liked the “Check Your Repair Status” option.  Another nice touch? The “Adventure” page.

Anyway after exploring all the new features I came upon a link titled “Event Sponsorship”. It stated…. Continue reading


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Tell a Thousand Lies…

After taking a lot of grief from tekkie filmmakers over my last post I’m quite happy to turn this one over to the big bopper across the pond….thanks John. Continue reading

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No I didn’t find anything but watch this…

“Going water digging Monday. Will let you know. Hopefully will have a good video to post….”

That was a response yesterday to a friend’s FB post, and for some reason it caught my attention. It was from another tekkie friend of mine, and one I admire for his treasure hunting expertise. Continue reading


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It’s Looks Like a Cold Beer Weekend…

Sitting here, wanting to share or say something, but unfortunately my mind is blank, as in zero, nada, zilch and whatever…. I even scanned the tekkie forums, FB pages, websites, blogs and can’t find anything to piss and moan about. I mean damn…. Continue reading


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