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Conjecture From Afar…

I stumbled across the following and it sort of validated my take (see Random Thoughts & Brainfarts) on Minelab’s marketing orf late.

International Detector Center (IDC) Part Ways With Minelab

There’s no question ML makes a great product but the company might want to take a step back and look at the goodwill or lack thereof in the way they deal with their distributors/dealers and customers. There’s only so much they can put up with before they say “who needs this aggravation”. Continue reading


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A Q&A with Gary Fenn

All quiet on the home front but across the pond Gary Fenn is digging the pastime day in, day out. In between he agreed to do a Q  & A  for yours truly and I greatly appreciate it. Enjoy and if you have any questions for Gary send them via the comments section…. Continue reading


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