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You’all Need to Get a Life…

Last update I had wanted to get into the ongoing stink concerning the Deus II, The Nokta Legend, Minelab Equinox, the authorized and unauthorized testers, the naysayers, trolls, know it all’s and the gullible.  I couldn’t then but will give it a whirl now… Continue reading


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Have been trying to write something about the Legend/Deus II back and forth but can’t just yet. The mind is not in sync yet with the body or visa versa. Hard to explain, I’m sorry. They (the cardiac wizards) tell me this is not unusual after bypass surgery and that it will improve. I hope they’re right.

Here’s a repeat, maybe even a threepeat from February 2016 that somehow seems to fit the occasion. Hang in there with me please… Continue reading


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Slow Go…

Okay, still alive, though somedays just barely. Still feeling weak and tired but getting around some and hoping rehab will help me gain my strength back. Had post-op meeting with surgical group yesterday and all “seems” to be in order with regards to X-rays, blood work and wound. I’m also cleared to drive starting next week (look out Texas). Continue reading


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