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A Pinpointer…Pour Moi?

It’s a conspiracy, set-up, plot, whatever, and I’m thinking a little payback may well be in order. You see yesterday my doorbell rang and when I went to see who was there I found a gal from UPS holding a package from Sweet Home.  Continue reading


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Is This You?

From the Paul Barford blog…..

“The trouble is that it seems from everything one observes that in actual fact the capacity for the average detectorist to understand any of this rocket-science type stuff is pretty limited. Continue reading


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Expertise or Luck of the Draw…by John Howland

After reading my spiel about  “Who Are the Best Hunters & Why?”  John Howland added his two cents and I decided to share it here, as well as in the Malamute Saloon (link above).  Thanks John… Continue reading


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Who Are the Best Hunters and Why?

Okay, so who are the Indiana Joneses in our pastime?  Who are the experts…the best of the best? The successful tekkies who always seem to bring home the bacon?  Do you know any?  If so what sets them apart from the rest of us?  What do they know that we don’t?  What’s their secret? Continue reading


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Come On Folks, Lighten Up!

Attention!  Calling any and all tekkies who enjoy a little humor now and then!  I am starting a new club called, “Laugh A Little…Tomorrow Might be Too Late“. Continue reading


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It Is Indeed About Me!

I thought long and hard about what I am about to say here, and debated wether or not I should even bother to address the issue, but in the end I knew I had to. Continue reading


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A Three Gal Day…


Well I put the bones and body to the test yesterday morning and didn’t fare all that bad,  I fired up the MXT Pro and visited one of my regular haunts (which shall remain nameless to  protect the innocent and my future fun). The weather was exceptional…sunny and temps in the 60’s!  A real treat after the recent cold spell. Continue reading


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The 1916 Quarter…One Titilating Coin!

Back in 1915, shortly after World War 1 began, the US mint invited well known sculptors to submit designs for a new quarter, one to replace the Barber.  The winner, Herman A. McNeil, served up Miss Liberty in 1916, holding an olive branch in her right hand, a shield in her left and in the middle….a bare breast! Continue reading


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Let’s Get the Ball Rolling…

I love Allyson Cohen’s (a.k.a., the Detecting Diva) latest post and photo, and especially the comment from her Facebook friend Carol Rio, who said “Hey Allyson, we could do a calendar- the women of metal detecting!! Seriously, we could make some serious $$$ !!!” Continue reading


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The Trouble With Trolls…

is that they keep annoying people who are not the least bit interested in anything they have to say.  Take for example the moron in Warsaw….

After a pretty fair trouncing the other day he continues to fight the battle, offering up just one more condescending and sorry attempt to impress someone.  Worse yet he attempts to insult Lisa MacIntyre’s credentials.  Credentials that he would give his eye teeth for.

Wally, go play in traffic.  No one here gives a rat’s ass what you think about anything… Continue reading


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