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Sunday Brief… is a new site and program that fellow New Jerseyite Chuck Christopher came up with and it just might succeed.  Bottom line if you’re traveling and want to do a little detecting or bottle digging you’ll have access to a list of detectorists in the area to meet up with you and take you to the right places and also make you are aware of the local rules/regulations. Continue reading


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Reticent Resolutions…

Yesterday day was a cold one but a great day to watch football and the games didn’t disappoint. As for the eclipse…I couldn’t be bothered. Figured it was going to happen with or without me and a warm bed, a warm dog and good book were calling… Continue reading


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Saddened to hear that detectorist Mike Race passed suddenly January 4th. Mike and his wife Sue were well known throughout the hobby and treasure hunt circuit. If there was a detecting event being held Mike and Sue were there and could always be counted on to give of their time and talents when needed. Continue reading


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New Year Notions…

I was thrilled to death when I went out to the mailbox yesterday and found a small package from John Howland.  No, I was blown away, stunned and astonished. Hallelujah, about time! Continue reading


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