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WYSIWYG (sometimes)…

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A little ‘food for thought’ to start and then I want to recommend a great addition to your treasure hunting library… Continue reading


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The New (and the Old)…

The New White’s TDI Beach Hunter

Well Whites proved me wrong and just announced a new machine, the TDI Beach Hunter. Looks like a winner but I’ve learned over the years that only time and diverse user feedback will tell….

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Thoughts on a Thursday…

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All This? Really?

Saw an ad for the Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer and was amazed and amused by the bullet listed features…

*Pulse induction *Beep, Vibrate (or both) *Lost Mode Alarm *Single Button Operation *3 Sensitivity Levels *Proportional Response *Retune *Adjustable LED Light *Auto Shutdown.

All this and it’s a PINPOINTER for crissakes. I’m guessing it won’t be long before these things come with lengthy user manuals.

How did we ever find anything in the 70’s and 80’s? Continue reading


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