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Interesting Stats…

Relic Recoverist – Jocelyn Elizabeth

I check my blog statistics almost daily and they’re very telling. The one post that ALWAYS gets a lot views? The Q&A with Jocelyn Elizabeth. Likewise search terms that directed people to my site are frequently… Continue reading


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Happy Father’s Day

Well my day started at 4:30 in the morning with heavy rain, thunder, lightening and Digger telling me he had to go out and lift his leg real bad. Happy Father’s Day! At least he’s a trooper and doesn’t diddle around when he goes out! He also spent Friday at the hospital getting fluids thanks to a hypoglycemic episode. With a glucose reading of 32 he was close to death so yeah he can wake me up any time, any day. Don’t know what I’d do without him…. Continue reading


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Savvy Shopping!

brown leather wallet using blue steel clap

Shopping has long been thought to be a female thing but that’s not really true. Men shop too. The difference of course is in what they shop for. Women like to shop for clothes and jewelry. Men? Things like golf clubs, fishing gear, tools, grills and oh yeah…. metal detectors. Continue reading


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Are Your Finds Really Yours?


Archaeologists would like you to believe that they have the inherent right or claim to everything that has been lost or cast to the wind. Whether buried in the ground or hidden under the seas, it’s theirs to preserve so all of mankind can enjoy. Continue reading


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Too Many Candles…

I have no clue how the aging process is supposed to work but I turn 78 today and I’m not all that excited about it. You see despite all my efforts to exercise, lose weight and eat better the aches and pains are gaining ground. Continue reading


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