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Selling Dreams…


With the apparent demise of Tesoro I’m reminded of something that was said to me quite a few years ago by the head of a major detector company. We were talking marketing and he said “you have to remember we sell dreams“…

That comment has stuck with me and it does indeed represent what metal detector manufacturers do (or should do). Continue reading


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Found the following on the Canadian Metal Detecting forum and wanted to share. I find it sad and have to wonder who will be next…..



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TBT – The Very Best Detector…

Nothing new, just lots of rain, hail and scary ass tornadoes in the forecast….a.k.a. springtime in Texas. Here’s a “TBT” post from May 2015.

Have a great day, find one and have one for me! Continue reading


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Steve Moore – Q&A

I’d heard a lot about Steve Moore and finally got to meet him last year at the Garrett factory. Since joining the Garrett team in 2006 he has done a ton of traveling promoting the brand, the pastime and piling up impressive finds along the way. Many thanks Steve for taking the time to share the following…. Continue reading


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And You Won’t Get Warts…

Nothing going on here at the Amesbury house except rain and more rain. Ready to build an ark and load it with two bottles of every brand of red wine. Here’s hoping you are finding neat things and making YouTube extravaganzas! In the mean time here’s a throwback…

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