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Discretion is the Better Part of Valor…

Was recently reading someone’s post on Facebook about not getting much response from the manufacturers with regards to a “yet to be named” kid’s contest he  was going to hold. It seemned to be an attempt at sympathy, along with the threat of naming those companies who did not respond or donate as he had hoped.  Continue reading


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Old Guy Productions…

Was recently made aware of a series of metal detecting videos on YouTube courtesy of Old Guy Productions.   The “old guy” is actually Mike Nickopolis, and the series is called “Detecting History in Arizona”. Continue reading


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A Few Notes From Across the Pond…

John Howland just forwarded his latest contribution to the Malamute Saloon, and I thank him as always. He also sent along a couple of recent  photos of he and his partner in crime, Jack Dey.  I have never met Jack, but I feel for him. I know what a day with John Howland is like. Don’t get me wrong. John is a great TH’er and you can learn from him.  You will also learn how to run fast!

A "menacing" looking John Howland....

A “menacing” looking John Howland….

Jack Dey, John's partner in crime....

Jack Dey, John’s partner in crime….

You can find his latest scribbles by clicking on the Malamute Saloon above,and scrolling down to today’s date!

A reminder too that you can comment on any of John’s posts here on this page under “comments”…..



Thanks to “Hutch” from British Metal Detecting for sharing the following article

Rare 200-Year-Old  Half Cent Coin Found in Attic



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Up & Running Again…

Had taken down this site and my blog for a couple of days, and pondered the pro’s and con’s of continuing both. I enjoy staying in touch with a lot of my  old friends, but often find myself struggling to come up with anything new or anything of interest. I also don’t get out detecting much anymore, and that doesn’t help  the situation.  Continue reading


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Coinage Composition to Change?

Recently read an article that said the US Mint is  looking at alternatives to the metallic composition of our coins, in the hopes of reducing costs. While it’s only in the trial stages I have to wonder  how it might affect the ability of our detectors to find them.  Continue reading

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The Stout Stance on Archaeologists

My last post “Using a Broad Brush” brought forth a few comments  and I just want to reiterate  my position, my opinion, my take on the potential of finding common ground with the archaeological community….. Continue reading


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Using a Broad Brush…

Butch Holcombe from the American Digger Magazine just forwarded this one to me,  and while I don’t know how current it is, it’s a reminder that we have to be on our toes and ready to respond to those who often paint with a broad brush…. Continue reading


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Something to Think About in 2013…

I have no say in this at all, but I hope most of you who visit here will refrain from sharing your finds online, especially the relics. Coins to me  are no big deal, but it seems that whenever we post photos of relics we find ourselves battling city hall and the archaeological community.  Continue reading

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The Dumbing Down of America…

I am aware that the metal detecting “realty” shows, Diggers  and  American Diggers are coming back to haunt us,  but Sunday night I discovered that much of the country is being taken over by similar, off-the-wall, “made for stupid people” TV garbageContinue reading


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New Year’s Wishes & Other BS from Across the Sea…

Howl5John Howland is somewhat pissed in that I didn’t go “tits up” and he will not be receiving any of my detectors, but he did take the time to send along an update.  His latest offering has a little of everything…..wishes for the new year, more insults for his friend in Warsaw, and a bashing of one Simon Thurley, chief executive of  English Heritage. Add in Prince Charles, and he’s covered all the bases. Continue reading


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