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The Folks Who Want to Take Your Pastime Away…

Before I began my rant, I received the following document this morning and it behooves all of you to read through it (especially the manufacturers). I know most of you will blow this off, but the first few paragraphs should give you a reason to be concerned.  Continue reading


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Morsels and Miseries…



Talked to White’s today and good news!!  The MXT Sport’s plastic problem is fixed and they’re now filling orders and shipping. Here’s the official word from their website…. Continue reading


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Friday Foolishness!

Back in November of last year I had a little fun with Stats and Abbreviations. Guess what?  I have more!! Save them and study them. There will be a test. Continue reading


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European Council for Metal Detecting

Back in May I mentioned the new European Council for Metal Detecting, and four days ago, Liam Nolan, the General Secretary left a comment. I want to share it again because I think it’s important, and because I’m hoping that a few detecting folks (and manufacturers) in the US will take note of the effort. The UK already has the established and well respected NCMD while we here in the states have absolutely nothing. Would someone tell me why? Continue reading


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On the Home Front…

It has been eight months since we lost our home, and we are finally getting back to some semblance of normal, especially with our living situation. We are actually making all the right and left turns, and winding up in the rooms we were headed to. Imagine that? On the flip side both Fay and I have found ourselves driving back to the old Willowbrook address only to discover our error and an empty lot. Continue reading


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Practicalities & Fieldcraft in the U.K.

Metal Detecting – ‘Everyman’s Archaeology’?

by John Howland


Archaeology is the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of artifacts, architecture, and cultural(?) landscapes. The method one chooses to examine any of the aforementioned facets can be either orthodox, or unorthodox, and for hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, the latter equates to the leisure pursuit of metal detecting. There will always be archaeology in its orthodox form and likewise there will always be metal detecting – but whether they will ever rub along together in harmony is a moot point; so much of what follows will undoubtedly send some of archaeology’s old war-horses apoplectic. Continue reading


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A Favor Please…

When I was doing a lot of writing for Western & Eastern Treasures they would occasionally put my ugly mug on the cover. I had them framed in my office but thanks to the F4 tornado back in December they are gone. Continue reading


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