Treasure Expo Photos

When I took down the original Stout Standards website I knew I had to share portions of it here simply to preserve it for posterity. The Treasure Expo photo page is one.

Paul Tainter’s Treasure Expos were legend in the 80’s and 90’s and attracted TH’ers from far and near. I asked Paul a few years back if he had any photos from these events and he offered up the following . If you are a newcomer to the treasure hunting pastime these photos may not mean much to you. For the rest of us…jeez I hate to say oldtimers….they should bring back a lot of great memories.

Recent photo Joan & Paul Tainter

The photos are scanned and not all that crisp, but they still evoke a time when all was well and things were uncluttered within the treasure hunting pastime. Hopefully I have attributed the correct names to the correct faces, but if not please let me know and I will make the necessary changes.

If YOU happen to have photos from Treasure Expo please send then along via email or contact me (link above)….