It’s Looks Like a Cold Beer Weekend…

Sitting here, wanting to share or say something, but unfortunately my mind is blank, as in zero, nada, zilch and whatever…. I even scanned the tekkie forums, FB pages, websites, blogs and can’t find anything to piss and moan about. I mean damn….

The best news item I saw was this one from my old stomping grounds.


Just hearing names like…. “Rooster”, “Tony the Wig”, “Fish”, “Harpo”, “Anthony the Kid”, “Muscles”, “Big Vinny”, “Tony the Cripple” and “Mustache Pat” made me homesick. Was relieved too that Big Tony (from Bayonne) wasn’t on the list.


I also saw where the History Channel’s “The Curse of Oak Island” series had been renewed for 2017. This should please those of you who follow the show and actually think there will be some definitive outcome to it. If you happen to be one of those let me suggest you also tune in to the “Finding Bigfoot” show. Same storyline, same bullshit, and they’ll never find him.


Then I went to my local weather page and decided that the days ahead dictated a stay inside, cold beer weekend, and yup I’m a wuss. What do you think?



Finally I found this little gem and it made me smile. I am all for it….


Hopefully you are having a more exciting day. Later….




“Everything ends this way in France – everything. Weddings, christenings, duels, burials, swindlings, diplomatic affairs – everything is a pretext for a good dinner.” – French playwright Jean Anouilh






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23 responses to “It’s Looks Like a Cold Beer Weekend…

  1. Roy R

    Here in Central Texas we have heat indexs of 106 to 117. Too hot to dig. Stay inside,pet the dog, and have another cold Adult beverage.

  2. Gary

    Didn’t they used to call you Swinging Dick back in NJ?

  3. Randy Dee

    A great pastime that swigging beer lark while waiting for more favorable weather conditions.

  4. Coin25

    Thanks for your concern Dick, I am retired now and living the good life with the grand kids. It’s too darn hot to dig even at the beach, sun tan lotion companies are the modern day crooks now. There is no way that I could watch the drama of Oak Island, either you find it or go home. One thing I am doing is arm chair detective stuf – trying to figure this Forrest Fenn poem out. The sad thing is I live to far away to search – it might be fun to take a few hikes but not going to travel

  5. Ah Ricardo:

    So RoyR is getting 107 degrees huh? All I can say is lucky devil! Can’t get enough of it over here. Only mad dogs and Englishmen….

    That ‘Bigfoot’ stuff may not be BS after all. His cousin ‘BigLie’ has been spotted on the outskirts of Warsaw. Legend has it that he’s sometimes seen with ‘LittleLIe’ another horrible (and very old) apparition who stalks the English Midlands. Like Bigfoot, he’s very shy and doesn’t want too much publicity and both are attracted to anything red.

    Swinging Dick, eh? Jeez, I’m so tempted but…….keep taking the adult beverages, I’ll have one or three in sympathy….


  6. Bob K

    Dick quit sending your excess, left over or what ever of hot air and the humidity to Ks. Hard to mow yard to even out the weeds with the grass. The humidity brings out the best of the wuss. You said a cold beer weekend I say cold beers when this hot and watch reruns of John Wayne.

  7. Coin25

    Dick, that was too bad about that treasure hunter searching for FF’s Treasure chest.
    One thing the old treasure writers told us was to be smart out there – one that I always enjoyed was Karl Von Muller. He had a chapter on being prepared, right down on what clothes to wear in the mountains.

    • That age is long gone I’ afraid. Do you ever wonder whether the Fenn treasure is real? Also what happens if it’s not found and he passes away? Will be up there with all the other legendary treasures?

      KVM was indeed a fascinating individual. Spent one evening with him and I just listened.

  8. Shit…of course it’s real!

  9. Bigtony

    I feel the FF treasure is real, he shows a picture of it on the back cover of his book. The value has been inflated by writers and FF will not confirm the actual value. Some items are collectibles others are antiques. FF says that if he passes away and the treasure isn’t found it will be there for whoever finds it. That must have been one exciting night with Karl Von Muller! I am glad to hear that you spent some real time with him, very cool.

  10. Paul T

    Remember the Golden Horse Treasure of years ago? The guy buried the Golden Horse and left Clues in this book that he also sold to the public. Years went by and the Golden Horse was Never found. Then the party that buried the Golden Horse reported that they dug the Horse up in Colorado. Horse was buried on Government Forest Property were one is Not supposed to dig. Then it was reported the party that buried the horse donated the $$ to the Boys and Girls Club. Oh, well.

  11. Paul T

    Hello Dick:
    Yes, I will try and get something put together soon for you and send it off to you. Don’t know if I quality for the go to guy or not but we have scads of material, letters, books, and more to research. Told Joan Hello for you. She came into my Office.
    All the Best to you and Fay.

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