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Just Ramblin’ on About Nothing…

Last night was a somewhat scary one with the potential for nasty storms. All the ingredients were there and we were in the enhanced area –  a 4 out of a possible 5.  Having learned our lesson five years ago we readied the safe room, a.k.a. the laundry room – portable radio, flashlights, wallet, purse, clothes, first aid box, phones, medications and dog bed. Continue reading


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Better Safe Than Sorry…


In a little over five weeks I will turn the ripe old age of 79 and I have to say 2020 has so far been a wild ride. I’ve lived through a few extraordinary events but nothing like covid-19.  Here’s hoping that nothing comes along to top it. Continue reading


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Slapdash Scrawl…

I’ve been working on my book and thought I’d share this little excerpt. Please don’t ask when it will be finished. I’ve got bits and pieces all over the place and need to somehow get my act together…. Continue reading


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Another Must Have…

Just when I think I’ve seen it all something happens to prove me wrong. Case in point? Snake Skinz!! Now I know they tout it as extra protection for your cable but I’m guessing it’s just more eye candy for the gullible tekkie who has to have everything. Then again what the hell do I know….

Anyway it reminded of an old, tongue in cheek post from 2015 – “The Bare Necessities” (Throwback Thursday)… Continue reading


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Diddly Squat & a Throwback…

 Life during Covid – 19

Seems every morning I wake up determined to tackle some in house project that needs to get done. One of those “damn I really need to get on that when I have the time” jobs. Of course that’s bullshit because I’ve had the time but I prefer to give off the appearance that I’m a really busy guy. Anyway these daily up and at ‘em, energetic plans always seem to fizzle right after I have breakfast. Maybe I need to double up on the vitamins, have only one piece of toast, one glass of wine? Continue reading


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