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Hang in there with me…

First, let me apologize for not being more in touch…. The loss of our home has taken a toll on my treasure hunting and blog writing. We keep hoping that life will soon get back to normal, but it’s still a ways off. We moved into a rental home two days ago, and it has helped by providing privacy and some sort of normalcy. Our real home, or what’s left of it, will be bulldozed in a few days. Continue reading


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Twas the Night After Christmas…

First off I am writing this on a new computer, and fighting with Windows 10. At the moment it is not just winning, it is kicking my ass. Be forewarned. Next thank you John Howland for your post and kind words. Not sure about all the honors however, and you are still not getting that 20 bucks…  Continue reading


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When the going got tough, the generous got going!

For me, and I guess for many others too, 2015 ended in style. I heralded the New Year in Champagne-popping style. For my great pal, Dick Stout  and his wife Fay, that same period was nothing short of shattering; they lost their home to a tornado along with all those personal odds and ends, souvenirs, and curios gathered over a lifetime  that carry so many personal and intimate memories. I had the pleasure of staying with Dick and Fay at their magnificent home in Rowlett and both my wife Margaret and I were captivated by Fay’s taste in home decoration. Me being something of an amateur cook (chef’s too strong a word) their kitchen was to die for.

So what, if anything has emerged from this catastrophe? Respect, that’s what. That is, respect for a well- loved member of the international metal detecting community whose name and reputation is beyond reproach. Not only is Dick Stout the finest example of what’s  best in the international metal detecting community, but that same community responded to his predicament with generosity and affection above and beyond the call.

I’ll leave you with this thought: Dick Stout never disgraced this hobby, nor did the hobby disgrace him.

To all of you, bloody well done! I’m proud of you all.

John Howland




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Up & Running… Sort of…

Update….Fay and I are still living with our daughter, and hoping to move into temporary housing in about two weeks. Starting over is complex, confusing and very humbling.


My computer was found in the rubble, and after cleaning it up and putting in a new power supply, I am up and running. I am working on a post about our experience, what we are going through now, and what YOU can do to save time, money and aggravation should you ever face something similar.  Things that are easy to do and well worth the effort.  Trust me.

Till then, thank you all so much for your emails, phone calls, monetary contributions and concern. I hope to thank each of you personally in the very near future.  A special thank you to Dave Wise and Robert Ellis for initiating the Go Fund Me account…..the quick response, the number of contributions, and the dollar amount, blew us away.  What can I say…love you all.

Stay tuned. The curmudgeon is back!


UPDATE: January 15….Motherboard is gone. Looks like Windows 10 is in my future. When it rains it pours.



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