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Lisa Hume MacIntyre, Archaeologist & Good Friend…

Many of my long time readers may remember Lisa Hume MacIntyre but for those of you who don’t let me give you a little background. Lisa is an archaeologist and I got to know her back in 2013 when we did two “Detectorist vs. Archaeologist” debates on Relic Roundup, the American Digger podcast. Continue reading


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Now, Where Did I Put My Wine?

The only consolation with being laid up now is that it’s too damn hot to be outside anyway. Oh I know there are a lot of you saying it’s never too hot to go detecting but you all lie a lot. It’s the Macho-camo complex at work. Notice too I didn’t say bullsh*t.  Bullsh*ting is an art that they practice here in Texas and they’re good at it.  The rest of you all not so much Continue reading


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Just a Derelict Dick…

The mind, what’s left of it, is occupied with a couple of medical issues and a sick Digger dog. Hopefully these will have happy endings and I can get back to digging, writing and baffling you with BS.  In the meantime here’s another throwback from May 2014. Continue reading


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Always something…

It seems like each day, each week brings something to ponder and something to worry about. Things like what am I going to do now that I’m not able to detect, OR what am I going to do if I’m not able to walk? Continue reading


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