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Our Toys – Past & Future Tense…

Seems every time I make mention of older, vintage detectors I can count on readers chiming in with their thoughts on their favorites and the last post, or repost, was no exception. It’s what detectorists do and the older they are the more they have to contribute. Sentimentality, a.k.a. nostalgia never gets old. Continue reading


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Scattershooting Again…

The New Nokta Multi-detector

Lots of talk and anticipation concerning the new multi-frequency detector from Nokta Makro. To set things straight Dilek Gonulay (Marketing Director) shared the following – Continue reading


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Never Forget…

Today of course is 9/11 and I decided to share the following from 2014. 


There’s no question that 9/11/2001 will forever be etched in our minds. Much like the Kennedy assassination we know exactly where we were and what  we were doing when we heard the news. Continue reading


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Time to Ponder…

I think a lot about where I currently am with this pastime and whether I will ever get back in the field. Ailments and physical problems aside I just don’t have the right situation to inspire any more. Sure I’ve had the urges to get out and just dig “anything” but that urge lasts about fifteen minutes. Clad just doesn’t cut it any more and if I’m going to crawl home achy and sore it’s going to be because I was digging the good stuff. Continue reading


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