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Where do you fit?

In the comments section of my last blog post NJ Fella baptized me with the “legend” label and I want to respond….

First off, this pastime has no legends. None, nada. What we do have are as follows – Continue reading


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Bear with me…

Going through a few storage boxes and making difficult decisions. Decisions that bring back memories and sometimes tears of when things were right with the world.


And since this is a metal detecting blog... Continue reading


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Not That You Asked…

It’s a Start

I took the Simplex out for a walk earlier this week and other than after glow aches and pains it felt good. Good to be out in the fresh air and good to be thinking about fun things for a change. Found a few clad but refrained from digging anything over three or four inches. Temps are wicked right now and the ground didn’t want to budge. Continue reading


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Downloads – A Sign of Things to Come?

Fixes now, upgrades next?

I’m loving the current battle between the two most recent detectors to hit the scene. It’s a battle to see which detector can outperform the other and I suspect it’s a battle to see which engineers can outwit the other, all being done under the guise of marketing and via downloads. Continue reading


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