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Give Thanks…

Without a doubt Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It typically means good friends, good food, good wine and unlike Christmas no one needs to go in debt to make it work. Continue reading


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First Texas, Where Art Thou?

The year has almost come to an end and it seems somewhat anticlimactic. When it began it was the legend, Deus II battle and which if either would beat out the Equinox. Later in the year Garrett introduced the $4,000 Axiom, a gold detector aimed at the lucrative Australian and African markets and of course Minelab introduced the Manticore, which is now scheduled for next year. So let me ask you, what else is new? Continue reading


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Just a Ramblin’ Wreck…

Dan, detecting old homesite, early 80’s

The other day I got a call from my old New Jersey detecting pal Dan Hamilton. Dan and I were avid TH’ers and good friends back in the 80’s and I really missed his company after moving to Texas. We haven’t stayed in touch as much as we should or used to but hopefully that will change.

The conversation of course started off commiserating about old age and what it brings to the table as in aches, pains and illness. You know, the priorities in later life.  We also talked a little metal detecting and how things have changed, how things have become more more fine tuned, more garnished and how the field has become more crowded. Continue reading


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