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Hoiking With Chicago Ron…

firehouseWas wracking my brain last week trying to think of what I might share here that would be useful, interesting and informative but the answer kept coming up zero. I was ready to give up but then I turned on the tele, saw a guy driving a big ole fire truck,  flashing a set of pearly whites and I had an epiphany (don’t bother looking it up – just substitute brainfart). The end result?  A guest post by Ron Guinazzo, a.k.a Chicago Ron! Continue reading


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This and That and Stonehenge…

If I have listed a link to your website or blog here and you haven’t updated for six months I will be removing it. I understand there might be a good reason why you haven’t been able to update or share and if so please let me know. Just trying to clean up links and update pages. Continue reading


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Heard of “Throwback Thursday”? Well this is “Who Cares Tuesday”…

Nothing all that exciting to share but rain is in the forecast and when that happens I write and you lose.  Sunday evening we dodged a bullet and lucked out with only straight-line winds of 60-70 mph. A few folks southwest of here didn’t fare so well. The angst we feel when severe weather is forecast is over-the-top and will be from now on.  The joy of living in tornado alley…. Continue reading


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Detectors…My Take!

I get emails via the “contact me” link almost every week asking my advice on detectors. Which one to buy, which one do I use and which one is the best. I try to reply as best I can but it’s really difficult now given my limited in the field excursions.  Likewise as I’ve gotten older (okay senile) my views and my preferences have changed dramatically. Continue reading


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2017 – What’s Coming…


As we start the new year I wonder just what lies in wait for we tekkies. Will 2017 be a year where we see new innovation, new products or just more of the same ole, same ole, as in paisley pinpointers, unnecessary accessories, over-hyped searchcoils and cameras guaranteed to land you a TV series? Continue reading


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Wake Up Tekkies!

Do you think perhaps it might time to wake up and smell the roses? Maybe get a grip on things? Deal with reality? Or should we all just keep digging holes and making videos? You know, fame and fortune…. Well take a look at what is about to transpire across the pond because it’s coming soon to theater near you. Continue reading


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News for the New Year…

2017, we made it.  Not sure how but we’re here and hopeful that you will treat us a little kinder this time around.  Fay and I deserve it!



My doppelgänger in the UK John Winter just informed me that the SEARCHER magazine is now available here in the colonies, and to get a copy all you need to do is head to the closest Barnes & Noble book store. Continue reading


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