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Trick or Treat…


The weatherman has been very accommodating of late here in North Texas.  Eight inches of much-needed rain last weekend, and perhaps three or four more today and tomorrow. In between? Sunny and temps in the 70’s. Perfect for detecting, but alas I did not take advantage of it. I won’t offer up reasons or excuses. Just didn’t happen….

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Fodder From the Flood Zone…

StoutinitialsHere in Texas nothing minimal ever happens….it’s all or nothing, as in the last two days of continual rain. Of course it’s been six weeks since the last drop, so I am not complaining.  If all goes well, the  foundation will shift back to where it should be, and all the doors will square up and close. The wet stuff is supposed to continue throughout the day and into tomorrow, thanks to Hurricane Patricia, which beat the hell out of Mexico yesterday.  The weather however has been very conducive to writing, and the book is coming along nicely.  Add in a glass or two of red,  and all is well…. Continue reading


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The View Across the Pond…

The following is John Howland’s take on yesterday’s post….

You Could be Drinking in The Last Chance Saloon

howlandscriptI and Dick Stout have been fighting arkies and their bonkers archaeo-politico drivel for over three decades and I can tell you that were I on their side, I’d have the hobby – especially in the US – nailed down with the sale of metal detectors governed by licence along with laws in situ to imprison erring hobbyists. Continue reading


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WWATS & Task Force Responses…

I had made up my mind to take a few days off and concentrate on my book, but decided a followup to my post of October 9th is needed……

When I first saw the NCMD membership cards on John Winter’s blog, I thought how cool it would be if detectorists here in the US had something similar.  It sported not only the members photo but a mention on the back that the carrier was also covered by liability insurance.  Anyway I put out a challenge to our three national groups asking them to consider doing something similar. Continue reading


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From Keith Wills…

Didn’t intend to post until next week at the earliest, but received the following email from Keith Wills (WWATS)  and thought I better share it before I am accused of ignoring people….


Re: My email to WWATS about membership cards and insurance

All I could see was a bunch of folks without facts expecting organizations to come to them where ever they might be to answer a lot of far off accusations and fairy tales. They should pick up the phone and try calling one of the officers and ask them point blank or better yet, try joining the organizations where they have rights to all true information instead of blowing up false bull read on the internet forums from folks that have nothing else to do with their time and energy but to waste it on nonsense. What if all that energy was used to better our hobby, wouldn’t that be a blessing.
WWATS has forums on it’s new website, but will not accept such foolishness there.
Maybe I was looking at something other than what you were asking me, if so please correct me.
Dick I’m sorry, but look at all the “bashing” on the site. No wonder the organizations do not want to answer such. What would our membership want? For us to waste our time answering such when we know no answer will ever be good enough OR focus on the problems in our hobbies and work towards ways to head off such problems now and in the future.
WWATS has always felt that three organizations across this country is very necessary, for no one of us can handle all the problems that arise. Just maybe in the future three could join hands in our many efforts, someday! After a point you learn to work with what you have and put your efforts into it whole heartedly to support it and make it work.   Keith Wills


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How to Attract Readers…

Amazing what attracts people to my blog…

Share a post about knocking on doors, updates from the UK, views on a detector, or an interesting news article, and nada. Throw one out about someone slandering you, and bam, hundreds of views. Continue reading


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That Raw Nerve…

My last blog resulted in someone commenting….

“When you attack the posters on your blog (and moderate out their responses to you) for petty reasons, rather than directly confronting those that damage the hobby, your blog becomes fake, phony and fails to do anything positive for the hobby. Of course it may be a reflection of you.” Continue reading


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Why Not Here?

John Winter was kind enough to give a thumbs up to my post about knocking on doors , and also commented…

“One thing I might add (for UK guys) is to show them a FID or NCMD (detectorists’ organisation) card showing my picture and info about having valid insurance”. Continue reading


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Knock, Knock, Who’s There?

I’ve noticed a lot of discussions lately about getting permission and knocking on doors.  Seems this simple act brings out the “wimp” in us.  Not sure why, but let me share my thoughts on this….


We all know that if you want to detect an old house or parcel of land, you will need to get approval from the owner.  So you knock on the door, it opens and someone says  “Get outta here” (remember I am from New Jersey), and slams the door in your face!  Continue reading


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What To Do, What To Do…

The weather yesterday was perfect for detecting, but I decided instead to spend the morning hours with my best friend, my only friend, Digger. So we hopped in the Pug Bug, drove to the park and sniffed a few things. Continue reading


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