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Olla Podrida…


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that the recovery process is going well. I don’t care how much you promise to pace yourself,  it’s damn difficult when you are looking at Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, rolls, pecan pie, cheesecake and mucho wine!  Someday I will learn.  Continue reading


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Most Definitely Turkey Day…

Only appropriate that on this day before Thanksgiving the update belongs to the biggest turkey I know….John Howland.  Thanks Bubba (I will have a “breast” for you tomorrow).  Oh, and  he wanted me to remind everyone that his “illustrious” ancestor, John Howland, was one of the original Pilgrims and a folk hero!  Jeezus, how scary is that? Continue reading


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Winter Nourishment…

For a great many of you it’s winter time, and while I am pretty much free of having to deal with it in any big way, I do remember the long frustrating days of detecting withdrawal.  So if I may, let me offer a few suggestions that might help with the winter doldrums .  They are not new nor earth shattering but as you know, neither am I… Continue reading


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Recent Happenings…


Happy to see the FMDAC has finally come up with a new and easy to read website.  Congratulations to webmaster Trinna Pitts.  Hopefully now the officers can find time to keep their members abreast of what they are doing and/or planning.  Last update on the now defunct site was from November of last year.

Federation of Metal Detector & Archaeological Clubs, Inc. Continue reading

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Let’s Show Them How Much We Are All Family…




Just wanted to share  Ron Guinazzo’s latest project here and ask you all to help by digging deep into your pockets and by passing the effort along to your friends.  It’s a chance to help a family facing a very difficult time and a great way to show them just how much detectorists care about friends and family…

Likewise, the more you spend, the better your chances to win a few really great prizes….

Jolie’s Fund Raiser



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Happy Pickle Day!

Well today is National Pickle Day and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate it than by turning the blog over to the big pickle from Bournemouth, John Howland.  Enjoy… Continue reading


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A Simpler Time?

Not sure why but tekkie Dave McMahon liked my last update so much that he shared it on a few blogs/FB pages. He even labeled it a ‘wake up’ and added:

“I found the last part of this article to be not only eye-opening, but the no bullshit truth!! Finally a voice of reason emerges from this hobby & lifestyle, amongst all the lost purpose, this article rings like the bells of beautiful revolution!!! Excellently written and thanks to Dick Stout for opening my eyes and reminding me why I do this!!!” Continue reading

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The Pastime Through These Old Eyes…

I think by now you all know that I am pretty much an old school/old fart when it comes to this pastime. The funny thing is I could never understand my parents similar, seemingly outdated views of things when I was growing up. Now I do. Continue reading


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John Howland, Via the Malamute Saloon…


Two archaeologists promised themselves if one of them would die, he would return to visit the other and tell him about Heaven. One night the dead one visited the other and says,  “Fred, I am visiting you as promised and I have two bits of news; first there are lots of excavations up here, and secondly, you will be directing one next Thursday.” Continue reading


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The Treasure Legends…Do They Really Exist?

Tony Conti, my gangster good friend from North Jersey is a big time treasure guy. By that I mean he can’t be satisfied with a coin spill or a gold coin, he wants the big one that will put him on easy street.  Continue reading


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