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A Quick Update…

I received a couple of comments this morning from someone who for whatever reason has decided to come back and complain about my blog. He supposedly was through reading it five years ago but apparently just couldn’t stay away. Continue reading


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Joe Patrick Commented…

Decided to make this comment from Joe Patrick (see An Offer You Can’t Refuse) a post simply because it’s spot on and worth a read.  Joe is another old timer (sorry Joe) and has shared a lot of his experiences here and I owe him a beer or two. Continue reading


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An Offer You Can’t Refuse!

Flush with Money?

Someone asked about the various detectors I owned and used over the years and whether or not I thought they would still find stuff today. The answer is of course they would. What they won’t do I’m sure is go as deep as the models currently on the market. The technology has changed drastically AND so has the end user strategy. Continue reading


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Go Ahead, You Knock Yourself Out…

Try as I might to keep up with all the latest technology I can’t talk much about the latest and greatest when it comes to the newer machines. Can’t afford them and don’t need them. As a result I’m not the guy to send “how do I” questions to and lest you forget, I’m the old wino who has trouble getting down and up and who loves knobs and switches. Continue reading


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The 5 Stages of Tekkiedom…

A while back I got thinking about my many years of detecting, the various phases I went through and decided to share them ala 2019.

Tell me what you think, do any of these ring a bell or give a good beep? Continue reading


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2019 – Is the Best Yet to Come?

Any Day Now…

Well so far 2019 has been somewhat of a boring year. Detectorists are still plodding along doing their thing – digging holes, making videos, showing off their finds to everyone (including the archaeological community) and slowly but surely devouring places where one can use a metal detector. Continue reading


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