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No Rocky Mountain High…

I flew home from Denver Monday morning on what might be called the “pink eye flight”.  Frontier flight 124 left at 6am, and how I managed to even be on it is a major miracle. I am an early riser, but jeezus a wakeup call up at 2:00 in the morning borders on elder abuse.  Continue reading


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All Dressed Up & Nowhere to Go…

StoutinitialsI continue to see postings on forums about parks that have banned metal detecting, and detectorists  being chased by police and grounds keepers. They’re not abundant, but they are constant, and I wonder how long it will take before we are relegated to rural hunting……period! Continue reading


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Rebel Gold…First Take

It takes a helluva lot for me to change channels, especially when I am watching my Yankees, but I did last night in order to watch the premiere of “Rebel Gold”, the latest of the metal detecting soap operas. When all was said and done I should have stuck with my baseball game…. Continue reading


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Just Stout Stuff…


FINALLY, a day in the of 80’s, and even a little breeze.  What gives? I kept stepping out on the back porch to make sure it wasn’t a mirage….

Anyway it was the lift I needed.  I put two new AA batteries in my TreasureMaster, and headed to an area that shall remain a secret. At least for a little while.

I spent about two hours total, and while I didn’t “knock ’em dead”, I did find one silver dime, four Wheaties, and for the first time in a long time, I had fun.  It was fun because the TreasureMaster, at 2.8 pounds, was easy to swing and for this old man, weight has become a major factor.

Continue reading


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We Will Never Forget…

Tomorrow is September 11th, and a date that America will always remember.  Much like the Kennedy assassination we all know exactly where we were and what we were doing when we heard the news… Continue reading


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When You Have Nothing to Say?

It's nap time!

You gonna drink all that?

As I work on my rewrite,  I keep thinking I have to put up something on my blog.  It’s been five days now and I need to say something.  Then it dawns on me. I have nothing at all to say or share. Unless of course you want to hear about the Continue reading


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Diggin’ Deep and I Ain’t Talkin’ Depth…

The following dispatch came from John Howland, via the Mayfly Pub.

Howl5When it comes to helping others, detectorists are seldom slow in thrusting their hands deep into their pockets, but what about when it comes to help saving the world’s best detector-found database, the Portable Antiquities Scheme? In the few days the Justgiving appeal has been going, FIVE people have stepped up to the plate and donated between them, £195.00. Continue reading


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