Recommended Reading

I would heartily recommend the following books to anyone wanting to learn more about treasure hunting and metal detecting.  The list is not meant to be all inclusive. I am sure there are many others out there worthy of a read but these are a few of my favorites.  Take that for what it’s worth.  Like my autograph, I always tell people, “with that and five bucks you can buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks”.

  • The Treasure Hunter’s Handbook, by Andy Sabisch
  • Successful Coinhunting, by Charles Garrett (1st edition only)
  • Treasure Under Your Feet, by Roy Volker and Dick Richmond
  • Treasure from British Waters, by John Howland
  • The Journals of El Dorado, by Estee Conatser & Karl von Mueller
  • Sudden Wealth, by Deek Gladson
  • Search! by Jim Warnke
  • Coinshooting II, Digging Deeper Coins, by Glenn Carson
  • Relic Hunter, the Book, by Ed Fedory
  • Treasure Recovery from Sand and Sea, by Charles Garrett
  • The Electronic Metal Detector Handbook, by E.S. LeGaye
  • The Urban Treasure Hunter, by Michael Chaplan
  • Advanced Coin Shooting, by Patrick Fahey
  • Eastern Treasure Hunter, by Dave Rendina
  • The Detectorist, by Robert Sickler
  • The Metal Detecting Bible, by Brandon Neice
  • The Competitive Treasure Hunt, by Jack Lowry
  • The Treasure Hunter’s Manual, (all volumes) by Karl von Mueller
  • The Detector Owner’s Field Manual, by Roy Lagal
  • Researching and Detecting Ghost Towns, by Daryl Townley
  • The Mid-Atlantic Treasure Coast, by Stephen Voynick
  • The Metal Detecting Manual, by Dan Hughes
  • Selections from The National Prospector’s Gazette (Vol. 1 thru III) by Karl von Mueller (compiled/edited by Randy Bradford)

13 responses to “Recommended Reading

  1. I am a newbie myself, Fisher F2. I also just purchased a detector for my 13 year old grandson, who is enthralled with mine, Now of this list, which would be most suitable or top 3 for me to purchase for my grandson. Thanks for this blog, I just discovered it.

  2. BTW we live in Toronto. I love the term URBAN DETECTING.

  3. The Urban Treasure Hunter is certainly a good book, as is The Detectorist and the Treasure Hunter’s Handbook. Thanks for the comment and hope you will sign up for new updates.

  4. “How to Research for Treasure Hunting and Metal Detecting”, by Otto von Holsing, available from Research Unlimited, should be added to the list.

    • Jay, I have heard that it’s a great book as well. I have it on my to read list, and will place an order soon.

    • Reading this as we speak, interesting read…like the writer’s light-hearted and humorous style. This is definitely a book I would encourage people to buy now while the copies are cheap. It’s one of the first books I’ve seen about metal detecting to really recognize the importance of modern technology such as computers, the internet, phone apps and the like. Probably one of the better values where books are concerned these days and a real powerful tool. I like the writer’s approach to research and how to get the most bang for your buck.

  5. Bob scism

    Like you I started in the early 1980s.. great info, it was a great hobby but after pressure from my family that I should stop this worthless waste of time, and should instead concentrate on my career and family. That was forty years ago, now I am back in the hobby, keep up the good work.

  6. “The Treasure Hunter’s Manual, (all volumes) by Karl von Mueller”
    That would be Volume 6 and Volume 7.
    There were never volumes 1 through 5.
    Karl was like that.

  7. “Successful Coinhunting, by Charles Garrett (1st edition only)”
    Why the first edition only? I’m guessing because the 2nd edition was REALLY bloated with plugs for Garrett stuff? Or???

    • Charles didn’t really have much input…Garrett employed a writer/editor and many of the later Ram books were refined (edited) and bloated with full page color photos. Likewise while the text was more grammatically correct it just wasn’t Charles. Much more material in first edition. IMO.

  8. John Taylor

    yes! it’s considered the “bible” in the industry!


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