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Update from across the pond…

Just received another update from Sir Howland of the Malamaute Saloon, via the Mayfly Pub. You will find  the usual taunts, the usual funnies, and the usual tip (AT Pro battery life this time). Continue reading


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Yep, I am a big ole wimp!

I had made up my mind that I was going to go detecting Sunday morning, come hell or high water. Had a little rain early, but that was fine. Might increase depth some.  The  temperature when I left was about 89 degrees. Not bad considering the triple digit heat we had been experiencing. So I headed out across the lake to a  school, where I can usually find a decent coin or two. Continue reading


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FMDAC Fall Classic…Surprise!

Well I wondered if the FMDAC was alive, and if they were going to hold their annual membership hunt. Usually it’s held in October, but  for the past two months or so I have not noticed a mention of any event. Continue reading

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Forum follow-up and FINISH!

Was put in my place by many forums and their members for asking if they would support a full time, national organization, with paid  employees. I have accepted their “no way” response and want to move on, but wanted first to address one comment that at first, irritated me,  but later gave me some insight to just where things are today with those who metal detect. Continue reading


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Forums…I give up!

Had this fabulous idea of reposting yesterday’s comments (How Much Would You Pay?) on three or four major forums. Boy, what a mistake. Continue reading


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Depression and the dog days of summer…

Wish I had something exciting to share with you all, but just do not. We had had some rain over the weekend, and enough that it might make a few old spots  “new” again. All I need to do is get excited about it. No need to go into how much I miss the Northeast. Have said it way too many times here, and I am  beginning to think it’s an excuse for my not getting off my ass and getting outside.

Next month it Will be a year since I lost my job at Border’s, and I miss it a great deal. While I only worked part time at the end, I was dealing with books, writer’s,  publishers, and I was communicating with the public. Something I have not done since. Being retired is nice, but when you get up each day and have nothing to do or have  nothing to motivate you, it gets old real fast. Add in taking a zillion pills for ailments you never had before, and it’s damn depressing.

So why am I sharing all this? Because I need to get excited about something, and if you all would send me twenty bucks (cash, no checks), it would be a start. My  address is……



After many years in this field I have come to the conclusion that the only way we can fight city hall is with a strong national organization. Yes, we have  a few now, but we need ONE to do the talking and ONE to do the fighting. I have also come to the conlcusion that for this group to ever be effective it has to be a full time job for them with “paid” employees.

We can continue on as we have in the past, and attempt to right the wrongs with emails, letters, phone calls, etc., but it seems to be a long, drawn out, and  mostly ineffective process. Yes, we win one or two here and there, but we also lose far to many. Frankly we need to put our money where our mouth is, and by that  I mean, how much are you willing to pay to have such an organization fighting for you?

I say this with no agenda. I don’t care which of the main groups out there take on this task. Just that it has to be full time, and it must be fully funded.  So tell me, how much are you willing to pay, to have this group represent you? An NRA membership is $25 per year. Are you willing to shell out that much? I say  “that much” because I suspect a lot of you would bitch at that, but hey it’s a little over $2.00 per month…. Likewise the metal detector manufacturers would have to  pony up too.

If you are reading this, and have an opinion or a suggestion, go to my blog and leave a comment. I believe it’s time  for all of us to put up or shut up.



Suspect most of you are familiar with Butch Holcombe’s American Digger Magazine as well  as his Monday night Relic Roundup broadcasts. If not, be sure to check it out. Lots of interesting topics, guest speakers, and you can also call in with questions.  Tonight’s topic for instance is “Which is more important: having the latest greatest metal detector or just making the best with what you’ve got?”

I highly recommend Butch’s magazine, and his online show. Do yourself a favor and give it a look-see and listen-to. You won’t be sorry….



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Howland takes on the world (again)…

My good friend from across the pond has outdone himself, and sent me two updaes in two days…. He usually does that when he’s pissed (as in mad, not  drunk). Continue reading

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Another legend passes on…

Just received word from John Howland that Roy Lagal passed away  last month.  Not sure how that information got by me, given so many of his friends. Roy was a treasure hunting legend, author, and Charles Garrett’s sidekick for many, many years.   Continue reading


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Malamute Saloon is calling….

Just received an update from the big bopper, habitual resident of the Malamute Saloon. He sends everyone his good wishes (and to me, his middle finger).  It’s been his routine now for almost 30 years. Why I have even learned dirty words I never knew existed. His usual sign-off? “Up Yours!” Continue reading

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Google Earth….

John Winter made mention recently of Google  Earth and how useful it is, and I wanted to expand on it here some….

I suspect most of you reading this have used this program but if not, do play around with it, and learn some of it’s secrets. The one feature that I’ve  grown to like is the availability of the street view. Continue reading


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