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Things Looking Brighter in Cook County…

Received the following comment/reply to my last post  (Hellooo Out There) from Avery Marder, Vice President of the Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights and wanted to share it here as well. Continue reading


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Helloooo Out There?

On February 14th, my post was titled “A Project for the Big 3“.  Then I added a follow-up on February 17th (Is it Time to Revisit Cook County), and another mention on February 19th (Update on Cook County Ban).  Right after the last post I was privy to a couple of emails that I think were not meant for my eyes, but  they were from one of the big 3 organizations, and it appeared as though they were going to jump in and take on Cook County. Continue reading


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Updates from Keith Wills (WWATS) & John Howland

Received the following email from Keith Wills and wanted to pass it along. It is unedited….

Folks, WWATS up to this point has been more of a Internet Organization to assist other groups with helpful ideas and suggestions to fight problems that arise in our hobbies.  Now WWATS has decided to go another positive step further by becoming even more proactive in our fights to save the hobbies we so enjoy from disaster and termination. Continue reading

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The Latest Fashion in British Detecting Circles…

Well the response was pretty much unanimous that the Pro-Tectors Detecting Vest was a little over-the-top but wait!  I just learned that it’s also available in camouflage.  Hot damn!  Now you’re talking, or as they say here in my neck of the woods, “might need to get me one of these…”! Continue reading


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Do I Hear a Stirring?

Well, with the Cook County situation back on the front burner I think things might start happening amongst the major players. There seems to be a stirring out there.   Time will tell…..

I hope that you all had a chance to read the comments from Chicago Ron and Patrick Anderson of the Midwest Research Historical  Society, and especially the letter they sent to the Forest  Preserve District of Cook County. I would highly recommend you and/or your club copy it, and save it for possible use or reference in the future. It is a well thought out approach to difficult situation, and it offers what I think is a reasonable compromise solution. Has it had an effect? Not yet, but the effort that went into drafting the proposal is  an example of what can be done if we think things through.

Thanks again Ron and Patrick for sharing, and I am hoping you receive some help soon from one or all three of the national groups soon.



Found the following items today while scanning a few sites, and wanted to get your thoughts and feedback. First there is this….

Probe Leg Holster with Security Attachment and Expandable Coiled Lanyard

And then if that doesn’t do the trick, or if you want to look even more professional, you could add this.
I continue to be amazed at how much extra “stuff” we need to have to be a successful detectorists/treasure hunter. Is all this really necessary? Are we out find a  few coins or relics, or to look like a “Swat Team”? I know, I know, I know….I am old, over the hill and not with it anymore, but damn. Far cry from a carpenter’s apron, a screwdriver and a metal detector, and when I think about everyone with camera’s on their noggins it just blows me away.

I also have to wonder what gear like this does to promote our “good guy” efforts. What must onlookers think when they see us decked out like this? Let me know what you think. Me personally?  I find it pretty hilarious and over the top.  Then again when talking with Chicago Ron on the phone Monday he suggested I get a plastic walker with wheels in order to get out more.  

Up yours Ron!!



Thanks to Eddy Current again for the following video….



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Update on the Cook County Ban…

I received the following email from Chester Kiernicki today, president of the Will County Historical Research & Recovery club. regarding the Cook County ordinance. I am throwing this out there for the big three to jump in and help Chester out.

Please also see the comments already made by Ron Guinazzo/  Patrick Anderson of the  MHRS Club in Chicago, and read their club’s letter/proposal that was sent in October.  Unfortunately no one has responded as of this date……



Thanks for the follow up inquiry on the CCFPD issue. We haven’t made  much progress, make that no progress, with the Cook County Forest  Preserve District at this time. I attempted to get information from them  through the Freedom of  Information Act but the initial response was that  I needed to be more specific in the request. This was late in 2012.

I’m at a point now where I need advice or someone to help with putting  a campaign together to put pressure on the CCFPD similar to the letter  writing, email, public forum other organizations have used to make the  people at the CCFPD aware that the ordinance is too broad and  restrictive etc..

Being the president of WCHRRA, the club is looking to me to get the  process started but being self employed limits the amount of time I can  devout to this effort. If I can put together a game plan, I could  probably get club members to get involved to assist.  The problem is I  haven’t planned a activist campaign before. Any suggestions you have  will be appreciated.

Chester Kiernicki
Will County Historical Research & Recovery Assoc.


Chester didn’t offer this, but I am providing the following information for those who care to write,  and if you do, please choose your words carefully, be civil, and let me know if you receive a response.  I am also hoping that the FMDAC, the Task Force and WWATS will contact Chester, and offer assistance.

Forest Preserve District of Cook County Board
536 N. Harlem Avenue
River Forest, Illinois 60305
Telephone: (800) 870-3666



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Bubba Spins Another Tale…

  My good friend from across the pond, John “Bubba” Howland, just added another blurb to his Malamute Saloon, and of course it’s filled with his  love of all things archaelogical. Why he and the arkies are so close they could spit on each other (and they do, all the time). Continue reading


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Is it time to revisit Cook County?

Want to share this video again, in hopes that maybe we can help the folks in Cook County, Illinois. This is not a new issue or problem, having started in the  spring of 2012. This well done video by Treasure Fiend just brought it back to life. Continue reading


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Maybe it’s Time to Backtrack?

About the only thing that has changed over the 35 or so years of my involvement in this pastime is the internet….an extemely valuable learning tool, and a  very good method of communication. Something that should have pushed metal detecting into the limelight, and something that should have helped promote it’s values.   As of now only the latter is lacking… Continue reading


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A Project for the Big 3…

Ron Guinazzo (a.k.a. Chicago Ron) shared the follwoing video on Facebook, and I wanted to post it here  to reenforce what we’ve been talking about here over the past week. I also want to congratulate “Treasure Fiend” for putting together this video,  and for starting the effort, a.k.a.the fight. Notice all the trash that he collected and who get’s banned?   We do…..

As I said before it’s time to be proactive, and this might be a good starting point.  Hopefully one or all three of the “supposed” national organizations  will get on this, and find out why this happened, and if there’s more to this story let us know…. I personally have not investigated further….


After doing a little surfing apparently this ban happened back in 2012, and is not  a recent decision.  Nonetheless, given Treasure Fiend’s effort, it’s still something that ought to be looked into and given some attention.

Ms. Preckwinkle’s address can be found by clicking on Hoping you might find time to write her and ask more about the ban.  I will do so today, and let you know what response, if any, I receive.  Would love to know “who” was initially responsible for the ban.



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