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The Simplex SP22 & SP24 Searchcoils – My Take!


I had every intention of doing a very detailed evaluation of the Nokta SP22 and SP24 searchcoils. Yup, I actually started experimenting with the now hip and trendy “coins vs. nails” board game and guess what? The results were pretty much what I thought they would be – The 11” stock coil wasn’t as good at the separation/isolation thing as the 8½ inch, the 8½ inch wasn’t as good as the 9½ x 5, and no matter the layout if I fooled around long enough and scanned at a gazillion different angles I could get a valid response. Continue reading


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It’s Thursday and…

It’s not only National Apple Dumpling Day it’s also “Throwback Thursday”. Here’s a tongue in cheek posting from February 2015…


The Bare Necessities…

I was chatting with a very old detecting friend in the UK the other day about the current state of the pastime, and interestingly, or maybe not, we were both on the same wave length.  Everyone is too caught up in the folderol, the frills, the bullshit if you will, the over promoting of their mastery of this extremely complex, formidable and baffling hobby called metal detecting. Continue reading


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Scattershooting (Again)…

Patience & Understanding

It’s interesting reading the online comments from all the new Apex users. Good, bad, confused, angry, you name it. They want the Apex to live up to the hype, the tease, the wait and damn it they want it now! From those that I know and trust? They love it! I’m waiting too for Joe Patrick and Bob Sickler to come on here and share their views. Continue reading


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Old Diggers Never Die…

...they just lose their sites!

Was talking with an old detecting friend the other day and we started talking (commiserating might be a better word) about our physical limitations when it came to detecting. Trying I suppose to make each other feel better about aging.

We discussed among other things the difficulty of getting down and up, back pain, bad knees and arthritis. We also talked about aids that might help like the short handled shovels, canes and the like.  At the time it seemed like a normal conversation but after hanging up I started feeling depressed. I mean jeezus is there any hope? Was there something to look forward to? 

Well to make a long story short it got me thinking about things and I wanted to run this idea by you all. I’m thinking seriously about opening – Continue reading


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