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Come on Now, it’s the Holidays…


You all know how much I love forums, but I must tell you I routinely check them to see what’s going on in this wacky world of detecting and from time to time I do learn something that helps me be a better detectorist. They’re also good for a few laughs. So since you didn’t ask….a few observations. Continue reading


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2016 – Looking Back…


2016 was a year like no other and one that I want to put behind me. It included a lot of firsts, a lot of heartbreak and it all started the day after Christmas 2015 when an F4 tornado took aim at our home. Continue reading


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Just a Little Sunday Morning Chat About Nothing…

Not much going on here at the Amesbury house this morning.  It’s a very cold 19° degrees (wind chill 4°), our faucets re dripping, the dogs have had their early outside business meeting, we’ve tackled breakfast and perused the extra-large Sunday paper.  Continue reading


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Treasure Clubs…a Dying Breed?

Over the past couple of days I worked on verifying the club websites I have listed above and was amazed at the how many had disappeared. Others were simply added to a generic site or page with little or any information offered. Apparently we are no longer interested in meeting like-minded folks face to face…just online.

FMDAC delegates, meeting 1987....greatest group of TH'ers ever

FMDAC delegates came from far and wide to organize the pastime in the mid-80s

Continue reading


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It’s Ho Ho Howland…

santabubbaMany will I’m sure be relieved to know that this is my final write-up for 2016 (emergencies excepted) and I suspect many of my US readers will already be thoroughly pissed-off with ‘that bloody Limey’ (me) again pleading for the unification of US hobbyists to get organised at national level. I make no apology. There has to be people out there with the balls and fire of Roger Barbrick. There has to be people out who won’t take shit off anyone. Surely? Continue reading


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Rainy Day Ruminations…

Ron Guinazzo (Chicago Ron) could go on Facebook and say “I just farted” and within seconds his friends (all 2000 of ‘em) would respond with “Great fart Ron” or “Ron your farts are the best” or “I’d love to be able to fart like that”…..  (Ron I love you man). Continue reading


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