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Was Just Thinking…


Where’s the big kahuna of 2018?

More than halfway through 2018 and still no new “gotta have” detectors announced or rumored. Makes one wonder if the manufacturers have used up all their top-secret ideas or whether they’ve finally learned that any new detector better be both ‘in-the-field’ and ‘shipment’ ready. Continue reading


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Paranoid in Poland…

Well my good friend Paul Barford, a.k.a Warsaw Wally, is crying both crocodile tears and foul at the same time with his most recent blog post titled Metal Detectors on Sale. Seems he’s equating the number of detectors for sale on Ebay to an ever-increasing number of new participants. Wondering if it ever occurred to him that a few of these detectors are for sale because detectorists have dropped out? Continue reading


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U. S. Military Dog Tags…

Not on vacation or feeling under the weather. Just much too hot to even be thinking about detecting. So once again here’s a reprise of a post John Winter was kind enough to write for Stout Standards back in 2016. 

Let me also mention that John is currently battling prostate cancer and I know that I along with detectorists here and abroad are thinking of him at this most difficult time. Hang in there you ole git!  Continue reading


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Redux 2016…

Used to be old silver coins were plentiful

It’s a holiday, it’s hot as hell (°104) and I’m brain-dead. Here’s a repeat from 2016…. Continue reading


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