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The Legend Updates – a Partial Bystander’s Take…

It’s been interesting reading the various reactions and responses to the Nokta Legend updates. It seems to be a love or hate affair with a lot of in-betweens. Personally I think they’re great but before I go any further let me state upfront I’m somewhat partial to the Nokta company, it’s products and how they’re listening to the needs of the end user.  Continue reading


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Nuff Said…

It’s HOT and it’s Thursday. Nuff said! Here’s a throwback from July 2014….

 If I Had Listened to Others

Over the years you detect a lot sites, and of course those you remember most are those that resulted in as lot of great finds.  I was reminded of one of my favorites when a friend forwarded this recent YouTube video. Continue reading


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Bringing the Heat…

Was reading the morning paper with my breakfast yesterday and when I got to my horoscope (I’m a Gemini) I thought someone was playing a cruel joke.  The last two sentences read “Studies reveal buried treasure. Dig a little”.  Continue reading


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