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Groundhoggin’ During Covid…

Well guess who got off his butt went detecting? Yup, this dilapidated dude and I took along my old (as in 40 years) Garrett VLF/TR Groundhog.  Story line – Old guy, old detector looking for old coins. Continue reading


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It’s All Good Sport…

Interesting the chatter and excitement regarding the forthcoming Garrett Apex.  Not only did the pandemic allow Garrett to fine tune things it allowed them to capture potential buyers by announcing a release date and putting out two teaser videos, one showing a silhouette of the detector and the other with it hidden behind a pickup somewhere in “hill country”. Continue reading


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The Garrett “Ace” Apex…

Well yesterday I dutifully sat in front of my PC and watched with bated breath the unveiling of the much hyped Garrett Apex detector. Oops no, wait a minute, hang on, excuse me I mean the Garrett “ACE” Apex…

Adding the Ace prefix really disappointed me and in my mind rendered the word “apex” meaningless. Yup sorry, when I hear that word I’m thinking the top, the pinnacle, the crest, peak, summit, zenith, whatever. In this case it’s simply the top of the ACE line of detectors. I had assumed (and hoped) it was going to be a new “top of the line” model. Continue reading


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Q&A with Clive Clynick…

Pretty sure I don’t have to tell you about Clive Clynick. He’s the go-to guy when you want to learn your detector inside and out. My guess too is you already have one or more of his 22 books. Continue reading


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Two is Company, Three is a Crowd…

Perusing social media sites and forums I’ve noticed an increased interest in the hobby and questions like –

“I’ve been wanting to do this for some time. Where do I start

“I want to get involved but only have $300 to spend. What should I buy”

“What’s the best detector to start out with” 

“Just started can u tell me good places to detect?” Continue reading


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