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John Schmidt – Mr. Tek

Got thinking about the Q & A blog posts and realized that I had featured tekkies using just about all the detector brands except Fisher and Tek.  I immediately thought of two, John Schmidt and Greg Toney and both have agreed to participate.  Continue reading


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Sit Back and We’ll Do the Work For You…

The Day We Stopped Listening….

I’m not good with dates and even worse remembering times and places but I think it started in the early 1980’s. A time when there was not a lot of competition and a time when a detectorist was only concerned about where he was going to detect, not whether he could. Continue reading


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The Suspense is Over!

Well the big secret is finally out with Minelab introducing the Equinox multi-frequency series of detectors.  They were unveiled in somewhat spectacular fashion at Detectival, the large weekend event in Oxfordshire county, England.

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Off the Top Of My Head…

First let me send extra good vibes to all my friends in Florida. Don’t think I need to say much more. Hunker down, stay safe and if you want, have one for me… Hurricane Irma is nothing to fool around with…

Next been a little busy with a neighborhood effort and apologize for just getting around to the blog.  Continue reading


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Unadorned Fundamentals…

Want to be a successful detectorist without a lot of fanfare? Well here’s my take and guess what?  You can do it alone. No need for a posse, fan base or groupies and in fact with all the new participants it just might be the way to go…. Continue reading


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