Off the Top Of My Head…

First let me send extra good vibes to all my friends in Florida. Don’t think I need to say much more. Hunker down, stay safe and if you want, have one for me… Hurricane Irma is nothing to fool around with…

Next been a little busy with a neighborhood effort and apologize for just getting around to the blog. 


The other day I drove to a nearby site to see how high the grass was and immediately noticed a lot of freshly dug holes. Big holes! Ugly holes! Worse yet each one featured various items like bottlecaps, pulltabs, pieces of foil or crushed aluminum cans.

This wasn’t a “I’m in a hurry” job, it was an “in your face, kiss my ass” work of art. Now I would love to share with you my utterance when I saw it, but I won’t. I’m afraid it would be too much, even for Stout Standards. I spent the better part of an hour picking up the trash and refilling holes, and mind you this was not a manicured site to begin with.

What’s the answer? What’s the cure? I honestly don’t know. It’s been going on ever since I can remember. I have to assume that the people who do this, and I won’t call them detectorists, were taught not to care about others while growing up and it’s simply ingrained in their psyche. No matter how many people show them how to properly recover a target and no matter how many times they are called out on their carelessness they continue to do it.

I have this theory that these tekkies are the same ones on social media who, no matter what find someone else shares, they’ve found one older, more valuable and in better shape. That of course is because their detector goes deeper, costs more and uses that secret setup that only they know about. They also don’t care if it’s raining, snowing, blowing, hailing or pissing rocks, they’re out there braving the elements and there’s no shortage of extremely dirty detector photos to prove their point. I have no doubt they were hunting the Normandy beaches on D-day.

Okay, done venting. Suffice to say tekkies like this will never be candidates for the Dallas Dick award!


I know I am late to the game but…

…apparently hashtags are it now. They apparently enable more people to see you, your page, website, content, photos, finds your mood and anything they’re curious about. #stoutstandards #Dallasdick #lotsawine and #hanginginthere

The guy responses to gal tekkies on FaceBook crack me up. #digmeplease #Imsolonely

Why aren’t there more model specific instructional videos out there? #braindead #Ijustdomovies

Looked at someone’s FB “groups” page and they were a member of 45 different metal detecting groups #ushittingme?

My favorite brand of ice cream and they had to go and do this #dairypissed

How’d I do?



I’m pretty certain this particular rally is being held to support a distributor in the Netherlands but nonetheless why aren’t large events like this held here in the states?



….check out the Coin Collector’s Blog. Great place to stay up-to-date on all things numismatic…..




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8 responses to “Off the Top Of My Head…

  1. Lisa

    Hey Dick…thanks for the thoughts. We are hunkered down and waiting. I think I may have two or three on You!

  2. Well, none of our Florida hurricanes have been anything to fool around with, although I locked last year’s Hurricane Matthew in my garage for a while…I won’t do that again! Every major highway going north is a parking lot…on both coasts. We keep a hurricane kit…been keeping them since 1968, as you don’t wanna depend on a store for supplies at the last minute. Nowadays I guess keeping a few days worth of water, food, first aid supplies, and batteries around is a bit tough on 21st Century citizens. After all, their cell phone never TOLD them to do that, so who can blame them???? #betterluckwithAIs, #WTFisgoingon

    Well, I have a few detecting friends that do the hashtag thing (we used to call it the “pound sign,” and when did that change?). At first I was not sure what a hash tag was. When I order breakfast at our local deli, I figure my breakfast plate will have a small tag tied to it announcing I am have some corned-beef #hash, and two eggs over easy.

    Early on when I rented a car from Enterprise Rentals, I had to give them my gate code. I say, “Hi Brian, my gate code is pound-sign 7654, and that should open the security gate.” He says “What-sign? Do you mean hash-tag 7654?” I immediately thought of waving a torn label from a can of Hormel Corned Beef Hash in front of the camera. “No, that’s not going to help at all…no scanner on the gate panel…you need to press the POUND SIGN, then the number!” Finally he pulled up, and I got in and said, Great you got in using the code!” He looked at me and said, “I just waited for another car to open the gate and followed them in.”

    We will be hunkering down (we have no basements here in Florida…they’d just fill up with water anyway). Thanks for wishing us luck and I will definitely have one for you Dick…and John too! Patti says “Hi!”

    • Glad you and Patti are prepared and hope Irma is kind to you two. She sure looks big and nasty. As for hashtags….I give up. Just not with things any more and not so sure I want to be. #overthehill

  3. BigTony

    Sad that some folks just make a mess and leave it for others to clean up….that sufff gets everyone thrown out of hunting spots…….pound sign lazySOB or my bad hashtag lazySOB…….

    I too hope and pray that all of the Florida folks come out of this thing ok. After going through Super Storm Sandy and seeing that damage up close just makes me pray harder for them.

    Yeah there are some big events in Europe. I guess they have to compete with the foreign markets to expand.

  4. Paul T.


    Dick, you and I started out back in the day locating coins with an ice pick for a probe and using a screw driver to lift the coin out of the soil. Now some so called coin hunters recommend the latest new shovel to pull out the coins from your local park. Then, they wonder why signs are posted, NO METAL DETECTING. … Enough said.

    • Paul I think just the visual of someone using a shovel is hurting us but that’s just my opinion, and yes we started during the dinosaur age but I’m so glad we did.

      Hi to Joan…

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