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I constantly get chastised for not sharing more “Experiences, tips, how-to’s” etc. so I’ve gathered up a few older posts that might fit those categories and listed them below. Just click on them to read.  

I want also to remind you that there’s a lot of very good info shared by other detectorists in the Question and Answer sessions. 


Old Folks = Old Finds

Discrimination – It’s a Crapshoot

Are We Becoming Overly Sensitive?

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Old Homesites – Old Notes

But How Deep Will it Go?

No Such Thing

Treasure Hunting symbols

Old Homesites & More

The Simplex SP22 & 24 Searchcoils

The Nokta Makro Simplex+

A Difference Maker 

To clean or Not to Clean Part II 

To Clean of Not to Clean Part I

Before You Open Your Wallet (Buying a detector)  

Sit Back & We’ll Do the Work For You 

Unadorned Fundamentals 

Really Not That Complicated

And You Won’t Get Warts or Go Blind (Buying a detector) 

How the Brits Do It (John Howland)

Is it the Detector or is it You? 

No Need to Knock Yourself Out 

Detectors – My Take 

Practicalities & Fieldcraft in the UK (John Howland)

The Learning Curve Has Disappeared  

John Winter & US Dog Tags (John Winter)

We Love Rocket Science (Buying a detector)  

Knock, Knock Who’s There? 

Treasure Master – First Impressions 

Treasure Master, a Second Look 

Finding the Very Best Detector (Buying a detector)

The Silver Bullet Syndrome 

The Bare Necessities 

Bubba’s Turn (Nel Coils-John Howland) 

Three More Takes of the MXT-Pro 

Winter Nourishment

The Beach & the AT-Pro (John Howland)

Metal Detectors – Which One to Buy 

A Guest Post by Joe Patrick 


Ground Balancing for Increased Finds (John Howland) 

Old Homesites 

Who are the Best Hunters & Why 

The 1916 Quarter – One Titilating Coin 

Overlooked Gems 

Why Are You Using That Detector? 

The Beginner & the Best Detector on the Market (Buying a detector)

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