The Learning Curve Has Disappeared…

Based on all that I can see online the MX Sport is a big hit, and it’s as I expected. I knew everyone who was involved in its creation, and was confident it couldn’t miss. Likewise the pre-release promotion was top-notch. Of course there were a couple of detectorists on Facebook complaining that it hadn’t yet spit out diamonds and rubies, despite the fact that theirs were fresh out of the box.

It’s just a recollection, but years ago we tekkies could only afford one metal detector, and you damn well better learn it because you couldn’t justify buying another one. Apparently that’s not the case today. You can forget the talk of financial doom and gloom, expendable cash is out there for the taking, and detectorists are spending it hand over fist.

More amazing is that it seems those doing the buying are not even giving their investments time to settle in and produce. Whatever happened to the term “learning curve” or “patience is a virtue”?  Understand that metal detectors vary in design, weight, balance, options and ease of use. No two are the same, and much like your smart ass phone, it takes time to learn all its features, and settings.

Over the years I’ve used a lot of different detectors, and those that I remember most were the ones that had a somewhat longer learning curve. It might have been the varied audio responses, the complex tuning or settings, the visual readouts or a pain the ass, difficult to decipher owner’s manual. In the end however they usually put a lot of coins in my pocket. Today it seems we are an instant gratification group of diggers when it comes to metal detectors.

“I mean what the hell, this puppy cost me a few beans, has the latest technology, comes with that very cool looking coil, Miami Mel swears by it, and I’m not finding diddly squat! What gives?”

Take it from me… lack of spending cash alleviates a lot of problems in that if you don’t have it, you don’t spend it. Likewise if it’s all you have, you learn to use it or do without.  And yes I know I now use a detector based on simplicity and ease of operation.  I would love to still have the drive and stamina to get out in the field, and test drive a detector to its limits, but that’s a thing of the past for me.  Physically I am not the man I used to be.

Please don’t give up on that detector you just bought, no matter what brand or model it is.  Work with it.  Learn its features, it’s nuances and give it time to do what it’s designed to do.  A lot of expertise and experience went into it, and it deserves your patience.

“How can a society that exists on instant mashed potatoes, packaged cake mixes, frozen dinners, and instant cameras teach patience to its young?” ~Paul Sweeney



My good friend Nigel Ingram at Regton, Ltd., has apparently been nipping at the stuff, or has been brainwashed by the folks in Garland, Texas.  Oh well, he’s the one that has to live it down….



Universal Shafts



To all that have been emailing and asking….yes we are soon to be moving into a new house.  A new “home” takes time but we are getting there, thanks to all of you.  Will share more as things become more settled. Thanks for hanging in there with me…..




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3 responses to “The Learning Curve Has Disappeared…

  1. Yo Ricardo:
    What a stupid video about so-called Garret ‘carrots’. You don’t fool me, that was some kinda sick a joke, right? Huh, as if….

    John H

  2. Coin25

    Dick, I agree with the points that you made in this post – first I agree with you that Nigel must have been doing a bit more then rescuing wine that was trapped in a bottle. Second – I agree with you that it takes a real real long time to master these new detectors. I almost gave up with mine about three years ago until I redoubled my efforts and read more about how to change it to my advantage. There are how to books and forums to get you the instructions that will help you find the goodies.

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