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What Are You?

Yup, it’s throwback day. Here’s one from August 2013 that’s still on the money! Take your pick….

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I Was Just Thinking…

Is This What We’ve Come To?

Every time I think I’m over the hill and not with it something happens that tells me that’s it’s preferable to be that way. Last night for instance when I played around with the remote I found Swamp People, Dr. Pimple Popper, Family by the Ton, Hoarders and My 600 lb Life. Is this what we’ve come to?  And sorry I refuse to watch Oak Island. You be the fool, not me…. Continue reading


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Gary Smith, the Hoard Whisperer

I first learned about Gary Smith while chatting with Nigel Ingram, Garrett distributor in the UK and old friend of 32 years. When Nigel told me about Gary’s finds I thought he was pulling my leg but I soon found out he wasn’t….. Continue reading


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