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The Social Media Saga…

Not a new topic (ok rant) for me but one that seems to get more incredulous with each passing day. I’m talking about social media and how we as treasure hunters interact with each other and more importantly, how we come across to those on the outside looking in….. Continue reading


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Just Jazz & Jive…

This time around bits, pieces and brainfarts from both sides of the pond, and it starts with John Howland….

John Howland

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Q & A with Chicago Ron…

Ron Guinazzo is no stranger to this blog and certainly no stranger to anyone who is a treasure hunter. Chicago Ron is a ten on the treasure hunting scale, having been a star on the TV series Dig Wars and with finds that continue to amaze. And if that’s not enough we get to see him almost daily touting his pearly whites in the Clear Choice TV and newspaper ads.

Ron thanks for taking the time to do the following Q & A. Continue reading


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Because It’s Important!

I want to revisit the Tallahassiee Democrat article “Arrowhead hunters face felony charges” (see last update), and I’m doing this because of two comments that were probably not read in their entirety and because I think it’s important!  I’m aware that this will probably fall on deaf ears since most of you are busy perusing the ‘look at me’ videos and photos out there in tekkie wonderland but what else is new. Continue reading


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Friday Fables & Follies…

Recent responses to a gal tekkie on social media…..

“Nice pic very pretty girl….”

“Now you look really hot, weather helps too…”

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Ruminations and Twaddle…

Received an email from old friend Bill Proenza at American Detector Distributors regarding a recent coin sale (auction) and wanted to share it here. Click on the photo for the details from Coin World.

First off finder is from New Jersey (nah joisey) and that’s pretty cool. Secondly I was knocked over by the condition of the coin itself. Continue reading


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Got Dirt?


Detector ready, batteries charged, pinpointer, headphones, GoPro all packed, gas in the car, decked out in camo, looking bad ass, but wait…Houston, we have a problem. You have no clue where to go! Yup, the park’s been hunted to death, the ballfield’s not all that old, the oldest part of town has also become the most dangerous and the schoolyard down the street is posted “No Detecting”. Continue reading


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Great Expectations…

The following dispatch from John Howland comes via the Mayfly Pub, his home away from home and was obviously penned upon his arrival there. I say this only because I’ve seen way too many that were written later on after a round or two, or three or….. Continue reading


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Ah For the Good Ole days…

No doubt I am playing right field when it comes to treasure hunting today, in particular its presence and narrative on social media. Understand now the mere fact of aging plays a part as does the inherent need to say “y’all don’t know what you are talking about” and/or “when I started out”…. Continue reading


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