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Here We Go Again…

Well here we go again. It’s Minelab’s turn to once again tap your brain, get you guessing, get you nervous and anxious and most important, get you to hold off buying another brand of detector. Yup the new game is now about the Minelab Manticore. Continue reading


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Tied Up…

Been real busy getting things in storage ready for auction and haven’t really given detecting much thought. Hopefully by the end of next week this will all be over and if the weather forecasters are correct, I might be able to dig a little…. Continue reading


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A Grab Bag of Diddly

Had one of the best days hunting in some time today. Was headed to the neighborhood market (a.k.a. Wally Mart) and when I stepped out of the bug I saw two dimes on the ground. I bent over to pick them up and caught a glimpse of a bill under the car next to me. Continue reading


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