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Have an extra $10,000?

Get Your Wallet Out

Had to happen! too many gullible tekkies out there. The Nokta Invenio Smart Detector is coming and it will only set you back ten grand. What do you think? Are you buying?  Continue reading


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Priorities, Priorities…

The following is just a little food for thought….

Hope your weekend is a good one and  in case you didn’t know today is National Puppy Day!!  Continue reading


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A Difference Maker?

Passing along a tip I received from an old friend and hope it may help one or two of you in your quest for new permissions.  Continue reading


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Daylight Savings Drivel…

Making up for lost hour

Daylight saving time is so much BS unless you are a detectorist with a 9 to 5 job…


Today a tekkie’s success is based on their skill in the field, their camera, company endorsement and the amount of time they spend on social media. Not necessarily in that order. Continue reading


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To Clean or Not to Clean…Part II

I didn’t intend to have a part II to my post on cleaning coins but a few of the responses (comments ) were interesting and informative. I’m also never sure how many of you bother to read the comments. Anyway for those of you who found part I useful… Continue reading


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To Clean or Not to Clean…

I was rather amused the other day at an online argument about whether of not to clean a coin. Apparently someone went to town cleaning a really nice silver find and in the process might have lessened its value. The cleaner or polisher responded that they never sell their finds so they could do whatever they wanted with it. Continue reading


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