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Apparently We are Guilty Until Proven Innocent…

A few days ago I mentioned the AP Article about the damage done  to the Oregon Trail.  I also took umbrage to the comment “A portion of the Oregon Trail in south-central Idaho near Burley has been damaged by people using metal detectors and shovels to illegally search for artifacts“.  It pissed me off because no where in the article was there a mention of detectorists having been seen, or any other proof that this was indeed the case. Continue reading


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For All You Who Don’t Have a Pot to…

Just found something that all you relic hunters might be interested in (and especially the gals). I may be wrong about this but I will let you all decide.  Unfortunately the “camo” model seems to be sold out (sorry Diva). My only regret is that I didn’t come up with idea.  Damn!  Continue reading


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The Best Thing You’ve Ever Found…

You have to love this question. It goes along with “what is the most valuable thing you’ve found“.  They are only often asked together and not totally unexpected.  You would also think that the answer to both questions would be the same, but I would beg to differ.  In fact I think there should actually be four totally different questions. I would prefer…. Continue reading


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A Different Kind of Forum

Want to share once again a forum that I really enjoy.  It’s simply called Metal Detecting Equipment.  You won’t find it full of trivial, negative or small talk.  You will however find it full of very good information and sound advice.  They state “Our mission is to increase the knowledge base of all readers by sharing our collective insight and to provide sound advice without editorial bias”. Continue reading


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What’s In a Name?

It’s an age old dilemma…who are we and what should we call ourselves?  More importantly, how do we want to be perceived? Certainly it’s more macho to be a “treasure hunter” because the majority of people haven’t a clue what the word “detectorist” means.  If however you are a “treasure hunter” you become synonymous with Indiana Jones, and it can’t get much cooler than that…. Continue reading


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The Analyst in the Malamute Saloon

I never stop being amazed at what the guy in the Malamute Saloon comes up with when I open his emails or posts.  Never, ever….  I have no doubts that they are penned in the evening, after a few glasses of whatever is available (as in single malt Scotch, Bourbon or wine).  Continue reading


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A John Winter Update…

My good friend and lookalike in the UK, John Winter, just added an update to his blog that you need to read…please.  It’s an article from 1993, but as John says, it’s “even more relevant today“. Continue reading

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The Prize List Grows…

Well the prize list continues to grow for the October 21st drawing, and I’d like to thank Ronnie Deghetto & The Gold Digger for the latest contribution…a Teknetics Delta 4000 detector.   Also the Coastal Empire History Hunters Association  for making available a copy of “Relics of the Coastal Empire (Civil War Years)”,  a beautiful book fit for any treasure hunter’s library. Continue reading


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No Promises Here…

I think I have finally accepted the fact that I am a retired treasure hunter, detectorist, participant.  A utility player?  Maybe.  After almost 40 years of swinging a coil, eleven alleged “feel better” pills a day, extreme heat every day and bullshit soil, I have no inclination to take my aches and pains out for a few coins, silver or not. Continue reading


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TV Shows…Give Them a Chance!

Well we are off to the races already with the critiques of the forthcoming TV series Dig Fellas….before it even airs.  Apparently a few of us are clairvoyant?  There also appears to be another series coming sometime soon (in the development stages) called  Fortune Diggers, but no date is given for that. You will just have to wait to piss and moan about that one. Continue reading


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