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Okay, One More Time…

Okay here we go…again. Listen up please, this gets old.

Stout Standards is a metal detecting blog as well as a personal blog, and yes it is indeed different from most other metal detecting blogs/websites. You won’t find the ole “I dug down five inches and the silver blinded me” bullshit, nor will you find a lot of technical talk about the newer detectors. As for sharing stories of yesteryear, they’re here somewhere, and if not they’re nested in my crudely put together website which goes back to 2010…so help yourself. Continue reading


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My Best Find…

When I checked my email this morning I found this from my friend Andy Baines (Andy’s Treasure Hunting Cafe)….

Ey up Dick,

Hope your well? I was reading your blog earlier and a thought popped in my head about what your best find would be in all the years you have been detecting and the story behind it. Not sure if you have already blogged about it in the past but if you haven’t I would love to read about it! Anyway it was just a random thought haha.



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Stephen Grey – a City Boy in the Country…

While scattershooting the other day I came across this photo on Facebook, and being the curmudgeon I am I just had to share it.  I contacted Stephen Grey, the detectorist who posted the photo, and not only got his permission to use it but also the following story about Derek, the gentleman in the photo…. Continue reading


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An Update from John Howland…

“Oh, what a beauty, I’ve never seen one as big as that before…”

…Is a line from popular risqué song made famous by the legendary ukulele-playing entertainer, George Formby. Continue reading

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Something a Little Different From John Howland…

 I’ve known John for over 30 years and have discovered that you never know what is lurking in that beer clogged brain.  Just another example.  Thanks as usual Bubba… Continue reading


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So Where’s the Beef!!

Have a feeling not too many of you remember the “Where’s the Beef” commercial but it seems appropriate when it comes to the current status of new products. I mean maybe I missed something but so far this year the only noticeable new detector has been the White’s MX Sport (and hopefully the end of the bread box). Continue reading


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Tips from the Tipsy…

A nice change of pace and a few tips from John Howland. Trust me he knows what he is talking about and has been around the block a few times.  Continue reading


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Just Being Cantankerous…

Someone recently called me a cantankerous senior citizen so I thought I would live up to my reputation and have a little fun …. Continue reading


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A Few Words From Mr. Howland…

News and views from across the pond, courtesy of John Howland and via the Malamute Saloon.  I do believe he penned this update sober, though that would be a stretch…. Continue reading


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A Little Fodder for the 4th…



The 4th of July is one of those holidays that makes us realize just how lucky we are to be living in the United States of America. A place where, despite your political differences, your religion, your nationality, your social standing, you can stand up and say what is on your mind without fear of recrimination. Continue reading


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