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A Little Sunday Morning Digging…

I was bitten by spring fever and managed to do a little digging today. It seems two hours is my limit anymore and I am not sure that will improve any…too many things going on with this old body, all of which are permanent. Continue reading


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Metal Detecting Necessities…How Far We’ve Come!

Used to be I and most other tekkies spent our time looking for and finding places to detect.  Today?  We spend it buying after market coils, expensive headphones, pinpointers, diggers, shovels, knee pads and of course GoPro cameras so that everybody can watch us doing our thing.  Continue reading


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It was four years ago

…when I started my “website” Stout Standards. It was a new venture for me in that I had no prior experience putting one together. I had taken an adult ed class is HTML basics and decided what better way to show off my newly learned, primitive and unsophisticated talents. It was frustrating in the beginning but it was also a lot of fun (doesn’t take much to make an old  guy happy).  My first coup was getting John Howland to join me and without pay (which is no small feat let me tell you). I am pretty certain it was because he felt guilty about the $20 HE owes me but nonetheless he agreed to contribute and the Malamute Saloon came into being.

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Google Earth…the Good & the Bad!

I am a big proponent of Google Earth and spend a lot of time there, both as a tekkie and a tourist. I find it very useful when researching an old site in that it can tell you quickly whether it’s still there and accessible, and the street/road views are invaluable. Continue reading


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Bits, Pieces & Brainfarts…



After not hearing from TH’er Ed Fedory in a long, long time, I decided to drop him a line to see what was he was up to. His reply somewhat surprised me….

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Still Baffling Them with BS!

My March 10th post “We Can Dig It Or” really hit a nerve with my good friend in Warsaw. He was not happy with my comments, my philosophy nor my intent and decided to refute everything I said in order to display his prowess with words…a lot of words…confusing words. It’s called bullshit.  You can read it by clicking  here.

I had to respond… Continue reading


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A Step in the Right Direction…


I was reading the Detecting Diva’s latest update and was elated to find out that the Task Force was looking into the possibility of a Portable Antiquities Scheme here in the States.  What I believe was an historic meeting took place February 17th in Chicago.  Continue reading


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We Can Dig it or…

…leave it for the next turn of a farmer’s plow, the next shopping mall, highway, used car lot, tornado, flood or earthquake.  We can dig it or let it succumb to the elements, the next fracking well, quarry, man-made lake or for all eternity.  Continue reading


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A Little Psychology From the Malamute Saloon


John Howland’s latest submission for the Malamute Saloon concerns narcissism, and if you are not exactly sure what that is the dictionary defines it thusly: The inordinate fascination with  oneself; excessive self-love; vanity; inflated sense of one’s own importance. Synonyms: self-centeredness, smugness, egocentrism. Continue reading


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Detecting 365 Interview…

The other day I received an email from Detecting 365, asking if I might be agreeable to an interview about my TH’ing experiences over the years. I was flattered that someone would ask and I agreed to do it. The questions asked were similiar to those I used way back when I was doing  bio articles for Western & Eastern Treasures. Continue reading


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