What Are You?

Yup, it’s throwback day. Here’s one from August 2013 that’s still on the money! Take your pick….

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I Was Just Thinking…

Is This What We’ve Come To?

Every time I think I’m over the hill and not with it something happens that tells me that’s it’s preferable to be that way. Last night for instance when I played around with the remote I found Swamp People, Dr. Pimple Popper, Family by the Ton, Hoarders and My 600 lb Life. Is this what we’ve come to?  And sorry I refuse to watch Oak Island. You be the fool, not me…. Continue reading


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Gary Smith, the Hoard Whisperer

I first learned about Gary Smith while chatting with Nigel Ingram, Garrett distributor in the UK and old friend of 32 years. When Nigel told me about Gary’s finds I thought he was pulling my leg but I soon found out he wasn’t….. Continue reading


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Throwback Thursday – Charles Garrett…

Still searching for the itch to go detecting again as well as a place to do it…35 degrees and light rain ain’t helping.  Likewise Tuesday was “knee replacement” day for Fay so the “honey do” lists have been replaced with a lot of “get your butt in here now” stuff.  Fun days ahead…

Anyway with the Garrett Memorial Hunt coming up in 4 weeks time here’s a Throwback from April 2015…shortly after Charles passed away.

Charles Garrett, yours truly and Alan Holcombe, circa 1983

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Pedestrian Adventures…

We just went detecting!

Beyond Taxing

Someone not too long ago suggested that because I don’t get out detecting that much I should tax the brain and share a few stories/adventures from years gone by. My first reaction was hell I can’t remember what I had for breakfast, how am I supposed to remember what happened years ago?  Continue reading


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Guess What? It’s Throwback Thursday!

Photo by Hernan Pauccara

Not a lot going on but hey it’s Valentine’s Day and it’s Thursday so here’s a “Throwback” from November 2015… Continue reading


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Can You Spare a Few Minutes?

Peter Tompa

I want to share a recent blog post from Peter Tompa’s “Cultural Property Observer”. It concerns potential changes to the UK’s Treasure Act and Portable Antiquities Scheme. Detectorists need to be very concerned about the permit idea and the possibility of declaring all finds the property of the crownContinue reading


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Out of Print…

Fay and I with the WET crew in Seattle, early 90’s

I know its to be expected at my age but it seems almost every day someone or something I love is no longer.  Now it’s Western & Eastern Treasures magazine. The current March 2019 issue will be their last. To be fair it will still be available online but the tangible, “pick it up and take it with you” magazine will no longer be available and that saddens me. Continue reading


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Sunday Brief…

FindaDiggingBuddy.com is a new site and program that fellow New Jerseyite Chuck Christopher came up with and it just might succeed.  Bottom line if you’re traveling and want to do a little detecting or bottle digging you’ll have access to a list of detectorists in the area to meet up with you and take you to the right places and also make you are aware of the local rules/regulations. Continue reading


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Reticent Resolutions…

Yesterday day was a cold one but a great day to watch football and the games didn’t disappoint. As for the eclipse…I couldn’t be bothered. Figured it was going to happen with or without me and a warm bed, a warm dog and good book were calling… Continue reading


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