Who Woulda Thunk?

Well today I turned the ripe ole age of 82 and to quote Mickey Mantle, “If I knew I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself”…

Looking back there are so many things I could have done differently but I believe destiny plays a part in how we live and die. It was and is all meant to be. Continue reading


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Don’t Let It Consume You…

I’m not a big fan of forums but one I do like is Steve Herschbach’s “Detector Prospector”. It’s filled with good, solid useful information and doesn’t stray or get clogged with know it all’s and petty arguments.

In any case one recent topic caught my attention and even caused me to comment ( a rarity). It was titled “At What Cost Did My Family Pay For My Addiction” started by George Kinsey.  I would urge you to take a few minutes and read it as well as the responses and if nothing else you will find Steve’s website a good use of your time. Continue reading


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Out to Lunch…

Where is the old dude? Is he still detecting? Writing? Living, breathing? Did he croak?

Well l hate to disappoint you all but the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. I’m alive and kicking – just not doing much that you’d be interested in.

Metal detecting has been “meh” and at present I can’t find the motivation to dig a hole. A big part of that is dealing with the physical discomfort just to dig another clad, not to mention the way things are going there’s a good chance I might get shot. Continue reading


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Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years?

If you have worked any period of time you’ve heard this question before, maybe even more than once. It used to be one of those catch all’s thrown at you while interviewing for a new job and of course early on the clever answer was “sitting where you are”Continue reading


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Whenever I have a task, a problem or decision to make my oldest daughter Molly always tells me “Dad, don’t overthink it“.  She’s right of course but it doesn’t matter.  I always seem to find a way to do it anyway and after nearly 50 years of  participation in the pastime I’ve come to the conclusion that ALL detectorists love to overthink. Continue reading


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Try As I Might…

Busy working in the backyard, trying to get things like Fay had them but as hard as I try I know it will never ever look the same or be the same.  She had the very best of green thumbs. Wish me luck…

Here’s a throwback from February 2018…

Continue reading


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Conjecture From Afar…

I stumbled across the following and it sort of validated my take (see Random Thoughts & Brainfarts) on Minelab’s marketing orf late.

International Detector Center (IDC) Part Ways With Minelab

There’s no question ML makes a great product but the company might want to take a step back and look at the goodwill or lack thereof in the way they deal with their distributors/dealers and customers. There’s only so much they can put up with before they say “who needs this aggravation”. Continue reading


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A Q&A with Gary Fenn

All quiet on the home front but across the pond Gary Fenn is digging the pastime day in, day out. In between he agreed to do a Q  & A  for yours truly and I greatly appreciate it. Enjoy and if you have any questions for Gary send them via the comments section…. Continue reading


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Random Thoughts & Brainfarts…

If you can’t ship it shove it!

The manufacturers are playing daringly with their new model previews/announcements and hype. For example Minelab just announced “another” new model (X-TERRA PRO) that’s supposedly killing it in the Asian marketplace, and I’m thinking aren’t there a whole lot of pissed off tekkies still waiting for their Manticore? Continue reading


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Familiarity Breeds Content(ment)!

When I received my Nokta Simplex three years ago I was anxious to take it out on a test run. I hadn’t any place in mind to test it and honestly I thought for the price it had to be just another… I was wrong! Continue reading


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