Are We a Simple Lot or Just Too Busy to Care?

blogI recently exchanged notes with another detectorist/blogger, and we have both come to the conclusion that detectorists do not like to read, but love too look at videos and photos. How do we know this? Because we read and study the statistics that our blog program provides, and because it’s always evident from the comments we receive, or as in this case, do not receive. Continue reading


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You Can Be Anything You Want to Be…

I’ve come to the conclusion that our pastime has now become a game of one -upmanship.   An “I Can Do it Better Than You”  avocation.  Yup, the more time I spend in cyberspace the more convinced I am.  It’s an ongoing game, and you can be anyone and anything you want to be there…. Continue reading


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Best of Luck to a Great Gal…

Two years ago Mary Hand retired.  She was the secretary, and gal Friday to Alan Holcombe, corporate manager at White’s, editor of my books, and my ‘go to gal’ at the White’s factory. Then just over a year ago Alan Holcombe also decided to hang ‘em up, and is now sipping tea, and watching Days of Our Lives. Continue reading


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Thank You Veterans…

flag5Just wanted to take a moment to thank our veterans, both past and present. You’ve given years, and in many cases, the ultimate, defending our country, so that we can live free, in this, the greatest country in the world.  No greater sacrifice can be given. I salute you all, and a special shout out and thank you to Viet Nam vets! Continue reading


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New Statistics for the Pastime…

Big Tony from Bayonne recently commented “This is a simple sport – there is definitely no need to complicate it .

I was reminded again of  this is today when a tekkie on Facebook commented “Just received my TDI SL i must admit I’m a little intimidated by it.”  Continue reading


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Officially Retired…

More than two years ago I “sort of” retired from the treasure hunting pastime. I made no promises because I knew once you are addicted to this hobby it’s hard to just give it up. Well since then I’ve ventured out into the field sporadically, finding a treasure here and there, but it’s not been easy, especially physically. Likewise those treasures I did find didn’t offer the thrill they once did, especially this year. Continue reading


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Trick or Treat…


The weatherman has been very accommodating of late here in North Texas.  Eight inches of much-needed rain last weekend, and perhaps three or four more today and tomorrow. In between? Sunny and temps in the 70’s. Perfect for detecting, but alas I did not take advantage of it. I won’t offer up reasons or excuses. Just didn’t happen….

Continue reading


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Fodder From the Flood Zone…

StoutinitialsHere in Texas nothing minimal ever happens….it’s all or nothing, as in the last two days of continual rain. Of course it’s been six weeks since the last drop, so I am not complaining.  If all goes well, the  foundation will shift back to where it should be, and all the doors will square up and close. The wet stuff is supposed to continue throughout the day and into tomorrow, thanks to Hurricane Patricia, which beat the hell out of Mexico yesterday.  The weather however has been very conducive to writing, and the book is coming along nicely.  Add in a glass or two of red,  and all is well…. Continue reading


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The View Across the Pond…

The following is John Howland’s take on yesterday’s post….

You Could be Drinking in The Last Chance Saloon

howlandscriptI and Dick Stout have been fighting arkies and their bonkers archaeo-politico drivel for over three decades and I can tell you that were I on their side, I’d have the hobby – especially in the US – nailed down with the sale of metal detectors governed by licence along with laws in situ to imprison erring hobbyists. Continue reading


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WWATS & Task Force Responses…

I had made up my mind to take a few days off and concentrate on my book, but decided a followup to my post of October 9th is needed……

When I first saw the NCMD membership cards on John Winter’s blog, I thought how cool it would be if detectorists here in the US had something similar.  It sported not only the members photo but a mention on the back that the carrier was also covered by liability insurance.  Anyway I put out a challenge to our three national groups asking them to consider doing something similar. Continue reading


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