But How Deep Will It Go?

This morning I came across the following YouTube video on Facebook and found it somewhat comical. Why? Because it’s indicative of the extremes, the lengths we will go to find the ‘deepest detector’ on the market and please, I’m not picking on South Coast Detecting. Many of their videos are well done.  It’s the “Dark Destroyer” setup that got to me…. Continue reading


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Q & A – Suffolk Sifter – Detectorist

The Q & A this time travels across the pond and it’s Steve (The Suffolk), Sifter.  Thank you Steve for taking the time to do this and for sharing your story here on Stout Standards. I owe you a pint (or two). Continue reading


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The Simplex+ Handbook

Been reading Andy Sabisch’s “The Simplex Handbook” and it’s extremely well done. If you too have a Simplex it’s well worth the price ($16.95). It’s a large 8 1/2 x 11 book with an easy to read layout and loaded with lots of photos, illustrations and charts.

Continue reading


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Andy Sabisch – Q & A

The name Andy Sabisch should be familiar to anyone who uses a metal detector.  His guides and handbooks are often considered the “real” manuals and must have’s for the serious TH’er. They’re thorough, easy to read and the quickest way I know of to master your machine. I’ve known Andy since the mid 80’s and consider him a good friend and great ambassador for the pastime! Continue reading


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A Pandemic Day in the Life of an Old Beeper…

Yesterday the weather was to my liking and I decided to get out and learn a little more about the Simplex.  Now understand the Simplex is really a pretty easy detector to use, it’s just that this ole brain doesn’t retain a helluva lot. Anyway I gave both the detector and the headphones a jolt and off I went across the lake to the town park, ready to enjoy the day and of course find a hoard. Continue reading


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You know What I Hate?

Still healing and nothing in the ole noggin to bore you with so here’s a rerun from June 2015 (a year I’d like to forget). And for the record I’ve mellowed some since then. Continue reading


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Come On Now, Really?

I’m sitting here looking at the Simplex leaning against the wall and thinking “maybe tomorrow”. Been saying that now for two weeks, well aware that the great fall weather we’re now experiencing won’t last forever. Continue reading


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A Q&A with Colin (Toddy) Irvine

On the River Forth

Colin, a.k.a Toddy, Irvine is a proud Scot as well a long time detectorist, diver, promoter and teacher. He’s also a busy guy and I appreciate his taking the time to answer the following questions.  Thanks Toddy!! Continue reading


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Bob Buttafuso sent the following:

As to the purchase of Whites by Garrett, Centreville Electronics has been contracted by Whites to continue repairing their units, both warranty and out of warranty, for the next few years. We have around 90% of the parts available, and what we are low on we plan to outsource. If folks are closer to Oregon than Virginia, we recommend they send their units to Todd in Lebanon, Oregon.

For more info our website is Centrevilleelectronics.com while Todd’s is Centreville Electronics NW (centrevilleelectronicsnw.com) Any questions can be sent to myself and my partner Paul at bobnpaul@centrevilleelectronics.net

Hope this answers the questions you and many others will have.



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Hectic Times…

Forgive me for another “throwback”….too many things going on at present to sit down and write. Bear with me…. This one is from September 2017 and titled “Sit Back and We’ll Do the Work For You”.


The Day We Stopped Listening….

I’m not good with dates and even worse remembering times and places but I think it started in the early 1980’s. A time when there was not a lot of competition and a time when a detectorist was only concerned about where he was going to detect, not whether he could. Continue reading


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