Take Time to Remember…

flG44This weekend we will be honoring and remembering all the brave men and women who gave their lives so we could live free in the greatest country in the world. Thanks to them you will be enjoying that cookout, family get-together, parade, fireworks, whatever.   Continue reading

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A “Dear Dick”…

Someone named “Relic Hunter” emailed to tell me I was “clueless”, “obsolete” and should “hang it up”.  At first I thought it was my wife, but then realized that she wouldn’t bother to take the time to write. Continue reading


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Just Bumbling Around…


Not sure if it’s PTS (post tornado syndrome) or ATP (aging tekkie process), but I am having a hard time trying to talk detecting here. Continue reading


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Do You Think He Hates Us?

A while back I decided not to mention a certain individual nor share a link to his blog, but his latest update just blew me away. Talk about slanted, biased hatred for our pastime! Take a gander at this and tell me what you think.

Legal Artefact Hunting Does not Prevent Illegal Artefact Hunting

Kind of like saying, dieting does not deter obesity, or trade school graduates do not deter do it yourself enthusiasts.  Or how about “archaeologists with degrees” do not deter amateur archaeologists.  Such an asinine comparison.  Then again he is not called the “Polish Prick” for nothing. Continue reading


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European Council for Metal Detecting

I was just made aware of the European Council for Metal Detecting, and it brought back memories of the short-lived World Council for Metal Detecting back in the 80’s. Sadly here in the US we have three national groups that supposedly represent us all, but can’t a find way to communicate with members or each other.  Maybe someday….. Continue reading


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Still Alive…

Forgive my tardiness in posting. Been busy easing into what we hope is our final home. Tonight will be the fourth night sleeping here, and it’s taken some getting used to.  Less space, new bed, new noises, and new maps to find our way around, especially during the night (came close to peeing in the clothes closet twice). The dogs? They’re adjusting just fine….a whole lot better than Fay and I. Continue reading


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Ready For the Flak!


When you visit a website, blog, forum or Facebook page, and see a photo of someone’s fantastic day out detecting, what is your first reaction? Is it one of amazement, like “holy shit, did they really find all that” or does it depress you, as in “damn, I’ve been detecting now for two years and haven’t found one of those yet, let alone four!” Continue reading


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My Brother Phil…

Just a heads up. This time around my blog post is not about metal detecting or treasure hunting. It’s more important.


I know I will not write this well, or share all that I should, but I hope it at least tells you a little bit about my brother…. Continue reading


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Backhoe Ballyhoo…


I posted the following link to my Stout Standards Facebook page, and it wound up garnering almost 375 views…..


That might have been because it was shared elsewere….as in the archaeological community. I find it curious that the topic (not really a new one) has caught the attention of so many (see the followup comments to the article), and I wonder if it’s because both parties are getting more fed up with one another, or just maybe, we are trying to find a solution.  Unfortunately, my bet is on the former. Continue reading


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The Metal Detecting Bible…

I received a PDF copy of Brandon Nieces new book, “The Metal Detecting Bible” and wanted to congratulate him on a well written publication.  Nicely laid out, loaded with useful information, and should be part of your library if you are a dedicated tekkie. Continue reading


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