Prime Time Treasure Hunting?

Sitting here after a couple of glasses of cheap inexpensive red wine and suddenly had a brainstorm. No not a brainfart. Brainfarts are real.  This is a brainstorm.  An idea I think has merit, but I need your feedback. Continue reading


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Telling It Like It Is…

A cold weather something to ponder. I ponder a lot any more. I ponder whether I should eat a little more pasta and whether or not I should have that sixth glass of wine. Okay just kidding. I never ponder the wine.

Anyway here’s what my aged and fried brain has been working on…. Continue reading


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A Q&A with Joe Patrick

Joe Patrick

Those of you who frequent my blog should know the name Joe Patrick by now. He’s an old friend and also from the era of no frills, no BS detecting.  If after reading this Q&A you have questions, technical or otherwise, ask away in the comments section and Joe will respond.  Continue reading


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It’s Not Going to be Easy…

Now I know you are not going to believe it but I am making New Year’s resolutions and I intend to work hard to make them happen.  I know too that many of you will be there to help and cheer me along…. Continue reading


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2017…Looking Back

This past year had its ups and downs and I think I want to see it gone. I say that though with some trepidation because all things considered I’m alive and kicking and that’s something to celebrate. Really!

Stout Standards has had its ups and downs in 2017 and as in the past I’ve had those moments when I just wanted to chuck it all.  I continued getting the “if you don’t like it don’t….” emails, making me realize just how easy it is to be anything you want to be in cyberspace. You can even be a British archaeologist living in Poland and pretend to know everything there is to know about detecting when in fact you are just a narcissistic asshole.  I mean there’s no limit…. Continue reading


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Happy Holidays!

Just want to take a moment to wish all of you Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad, joyeux Noël, buon Natale or whatever floats your boat. Please be sure to have a glass of red for Fay and I!



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What’s Your Take?

These fantastic finds and displays belong to D.J. Yost and they’re a great lead in to what follows.  Thanks DJ for allowing me to share them here.  

Now I have three questions for all of you concerning topics I’ve seen discussed on forums and Facebook. Curious how you feel…. Continue reading


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Midweek Moans & Groans…

Because you’re dying to know….

In over 43 years of detecting for coins I never found a silver dollar. Now on social media they are being found with some regularity. It’s either the new super-duper detectors or……? I tend to go with the …..? Continue reading


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Draconian Objectives…

John Howland finally emerges from hibernation to expose the everlovin’ folks at Heritage Journal for what they are….dolts and dullards, dead set on eliminating our metal detecting pastime. Continue reading


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The Excavator…

Had a lot of great comments on the Prospect Park situation so I decided to go one more round. For those of you who didn’t bother to read it may you find nothing but hot rocks and pulltabs the rest of this year…. Continue reading


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