Paranoid in Poland…

Well my good friend Paul Barford, a.k.a Warsaw Wally, is crying both crocodile tears and foul at the same time with his most recent blog post titled Metal Detectors on Sale. Seems he’s equating the number of detectors for sale on Ebay to an ever-increasing number of new participants. Wondering if it ever occurred to him that a few of these detectors are for sale because detectorists have dropped out? Continue reading


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U. S. Military Dog Tags…

Not on vacation or feeling under the weather. Just much too hot to even be thinking about detecting. So once again here’s a reprise of a post John Winter was kind enough to write for Stout Standards back in 2016. 

Let me also mention that John is currently battling prostate cancer and I know that I along with detectorists here and abroad are thinking of him at this most difficult time. Hang in there you ole git!  Continue reading


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Redux 2016…

Used to be old silver coins were plentiful

It’s a holiday, it’s hot as hell (°104) and I’m brain-dead. Here’s a repeat from 2016…. Continue reading


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The Equinox Infatuation

How’s Yours Working for You?

As long as I’ve been involved with the pastime there’s always been excitement when rumors surface that a manufacturer would soon be introducing a new model. Not long ago we had the XP Deus, the MX Sport, the AT Max and most recently the Minelab Equinox. Continue reading


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I’m a Cyberspace Cynic!

I haven’t been out detecting, haven’t taken any photos, made any videos nor have I any product line to hustle. It’s also hot as hell out….

As result the following is an excerpt from a July 2016 post.  Cheers! Continue reading


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Back in the 70’s and 80’s it used to be relatively easy to find a lot of silver. That’s because it also used to be relatively easy to find someplace to swing your coil. Things have changed…. Continue reading


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Cliff Stefens 1932 – 2018…

Forgive a second Q&A post within a week but it’s very much justified at this time. You see I just belatedly found out that I lost a very dear friend, Cliff Stefens.  Senior detectorists in and around the Philadelphia area know what a rock star Cliff was and to say he will be missed is an understatement. My very belated and sincere condolences to Fran and the entire Stefens family.

Cliff, thanks for being my friend. RIP and good hunting!

I wrote the following for Western & Eastern Treasures quite a few years ago and because of that the photo quality is somewhat lacking…. Continue reading


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Q & A with Rechey Davidson

I first met Rechey Davidson a little over 30 years ago when I moved to Texas. He belonged to a couple of local clubs and always had outstanding finds and displays. He was not just into metal detecting, he lived it.  Suffice to say nothing has changed after all this time. Thanks Rechey! Continue reading


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Is the Handwriting on the Wall?

This is a topic I’ve discussed in the past and it’s even clearer to me today as I try and find a place to detect…. Continue reading


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Bring Back the Gals!

It’s triple digit heat already and I’m cooling it so here’s another rerun from February 2014….and gals please don’t get uptight… Continue reading


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