What’s Your Moniker?

Interesting post on a FB detecting page..”what do people in the hobby of metal detecting prefer to be called”?

A few responses….  M.D.r’s. Detectorists, Swingers, Diggers, Treasure Hunters, Prospectors, Dirt Fishermen, Archemetalogist, History Hunters, Dirt Diggers, Relic Hunters, Active Dreamers, Sunburned Seekers and Discoverers. Continue reading


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Another Take on the $12,000 Minelab…

Howl5John Howland apparently put his beer down for a few minutes, and decided to share his thoughts on the new Minelab GPZ 7000.  Do keep in mind however that whenever he buys anything, he always relates the cost to how much beer he could get for the same amount of money.  Anyway here’s Johnny!!. Continue reading


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The Bare Necessities…

I was chatting with a very old detecting friend in the UK the other day about the current state of the pastime, and interestingly, or maybe not, we were both on the same wave length.  Everyone is too caught up in the folderol, the frills, the bullshit if you will, as well as in over promoting their mastery of this extremely complex, formidable and baffling hobby called metal detecting. Continue reading


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Is the Sky the Limit?

Well, we are indeed iced in this morning, and waiting for the “thundersleet” to start, but considering what the folks in New England have been dealing with, we have nothing to complain about.  At least not yet…. Continue reading


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Waiting For the Ice…

Digger is not too worried...

Digger is not too worried…

As I sit here waiting for a potentially nasty ice storm, I thought I would shoot off a quick post, just in case we lose power for any period of time.  Hoping against hope that’s not the case. Ice storms here in North Texas can be a real bitch!

On the plus side I have my red wine, and the Digger to keep me company (and warm)! Continue reading


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A Few Bits & Pieces…

Because no one asked….

Continue reading


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A Presidents Day Update…

Because it’s President’s Day here’s a video from, you guessed it, Todd Hiltz.  Just another amazing find by the cellar guy and so very appropriate for today! Continue reading


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Reading Between the Lines…

Okay, with regards to the roundtable discussion sponsored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation….

I watched the entire broadcast again, and listened to all the “you stroke mine, and I will stroke yours” comments, but when it was over I realized that we are we are still two drastically different camps, pretending to care about each other, but it’s not working, and hasn’t for many, many years. Continue reading


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“A Dwindling Resource”…and More

This following is an article I wrote for Western & Eastern Treasures ten years ago. I decided to resurrect it because, well, um, I am one lazy SOB. As I was reading through it I suddenly realized that I am now a very integral part of the subject group. Hmm, and I haven’t been feeling all that great of late either…. Continue reading


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Paul Tainter, Mr. Treasure…

I’ve always been big on research and trying to make my trip out into the field more efficient time wise, but no one is better at it than my good friend Paul Tainter. Paul probably knows more about treasure than anyone else out there. Continue reading


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