Treasure Clubs…a Dying Breed?

Over the past couple of days I worked on verifying the club websites I have listed above and was amazed at the how many had disappeared. Others were simply added to a generic site or page with little or any information offered. Apparently we are no longer interested in meeting like-minded folks face to face…just online.

FMDAC delegates, meeting 1987....greatest group of TH'ers ever

FMDAC delegates came from far and wide to organize the pastime in the mid-80s

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It’s Ho Ho Howland…

santabubbaMany will I’m sure be relieved to know that this is my final write-up for 2016 (emergencies excepted) and I suspect many of my US readers will already be thoroughly pissed-off with ‘that bloody Limey’ (me) again pleading for the unification of US hobbyists to get organised at national level. I make no apology. There has to be people out there with the balls and fire of Roger Barbrick. There has to be people out who won’t take shit off anyone. Surely? Continue reading

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Rainy Day Ruminations…

Ron Guinazzo (Chicago Ron) could go on Facebook and say “I just farted” and within seconds his friends (all 2000 of ‘em) would respond with “Great fart Ron” or “Ron your farts are the best” or “I’d love to be able to fart like that”…..  (Ron I love you man). Continue reading


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More Scattershooting…


Went out again with the MX Sport for about 1 and 1/2 hours the other day and decided to work some in the all-metal mode.  I set the SAT to 3, sensitivity to 4, turned on the VCO and began scanning, often forgetting that thanks to the SAT I needed to keep that coil moving.  Sheesh, this CRS thing is not getting any better….


This site once held two homes, one quite old…photo compliments of Google Earth

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The MX Sport, Lukey Dukey and Big Tony from Bayonne…

Well it’s only been a week but I’ve become a very big fan of the MX Sport. I received it last Monday, worked through the various settings/setups in the evening and a good part of Tuesday in the backyard. I then decided to venture back to the old homesite that I talked about last update. Continue reading


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Some Days It Doesn’t Pay to Get Out of Bed…

Things were looking up…or so I thought? I received permission to hunt an old home site, had an MX Sport on the way, and then I saw this in the Saturday morning newspaper….

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Britain’s New Coin…

Thanks to John Howland for the following update on the forthcoming new £1-coin.  Now if we could only get the American public to use dollars coins…. Continue reading


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Just Scattershooting…

Got to wonder how many metal detecting videos and podcasts are out there today.  Wasn’t that long ago we had to keep reading the same treasure magazine until the next one arrived…..


I saw these photos of Todd Hiltz modeling the new White’s backpack and I had to laugh….


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Turn Your Favorite Headphones Wireless…

Thanks to John Howland for the following product review.  For the record John and I will review anything.  Just send it along with a bottle of Bowmore 25 Year Old Scotch, and we’re good to go. Continue reading


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A Little of Dis, a Little Bit of Dat…



Not a lot going on in my world that would be of interest to you all unless of course you want to hear about my hernia? No? Well maybe next time….

Anyway I’ve been meaning to share a good read from James Fielding ‘s new blog, “Detecting an Attitude”. The article is called Helping to Find Lost Things: The Art of the Search”.  I think you will enjoy it. Continue reading


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