Q & A Down Under with DirtFishMish

I’d like you meet DirtFishMish from down under. I got to know Mish after seeing a few of her YouTube videos (nicely done).  Justifiably, and like a couple of other gal treasure hunters, Mish prefers to keep her real name and private life just that – private!  

Hope you enjoy and thanks Mish for taking the time to grace my blog… Continue reading


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Now We Sit and Wait…

Just maybe 2021 will be more exciting, more competitive than we thought? 

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Are We Becoming Overly Sensitive?

Crossing my fingers twice today. First I’m hoping against hope that my Giants can somehow beat the Cowboys, and next that the severe weather predicted for later tonight will not develop or not be all that bad. Anything after dark is not good, especially in the overnight hours.  Been there once and it’s worrisome…

On another note it seems noisy detectors are the trend anymore and I thought I would give you my very unscientific take…. Continue reading


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Beat Up…

Been kind of a rough week. Foot that I had surgery on is infected again, dermatologist beat the hell out of me (with more to come) and I’m over the moon tired. So while it’s not Thursday here’s a throwback from July 8, 2013. Have a great weekend and have two for me (because with antibiotics I can’t). Continue reading


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Our Toys – Past & Future Tense…

Seems every time I make mention of older, vintage detectors I can count on readers chiming in with their thoughts on their favorites and the last post, or repost, was no exception. It’s what detectorists do and the older they are the more they have to contribute. Sentimentality, a.k.a. nostalgia never gets old. Continue reading


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Scattershooting Again…

The New Nokta Multi-detector

Lots of talk and anticipation concerning the new multi-frequency detector from Nokta Makro. To set things straight Dilek Gonulay (Marketing Director) shared the following – Continue reading


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Never Forget…

Today of course is 9/11 and I decided to share the following from 2014. 


There’s no question that 9/11/2001 will forever be etched in our minds. Much like the Kennedy assassination we know exactly where we were and what  we were doing when we heard the news. Continue reading


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Time to Ponder…

I think a lot about where I currently am with this pastime and whether I will ever get back in the field. Ailments and physical problems aside I just don’t have the right situation to inspire any more. Sure I’ve had the urges to get out and just dig “anything” but that urge lasts about fifteen minutes. Clad just doesn’t cut it any more and if I’m going to crawl home achy and sore it’s going to be because I was digging the good stuff. Continue reading


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Lisa Hume MacIntyre, Archaeologist & Good Friend…

Many of my long time readers may remember Lisa Hume MacIntyre but for those of you who don’t let me give you a little background. Lisa is an archaeologist and I got to know her back in 2013 when we did two “Detectorist vs. Archaeologist” debates on Relic Roundup, the American Digger podcast. Continue reading


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Now, Where Did I Put My Wine?

The only consolation with being laid up now is that it’s too damn hot to be outside anyway. Oh I know there are a lot of you saying it’s never too hot to go detecting but you all lie a lot. It’s the Macho-camo complex at work. Notice too I didn’t say bullsh*t.  Bullsh*ting is an art that they practice here in Texas and they’re good at it.  The rest of you all not so much Continue reading


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