Saddened to hear that detectorist Mike Race passed suddenly January 4th. Mike and his wife Sue were well known throughout the hobby and treasure hunt circuit. If there was a detecting event being held Mike and Sue were there and could always be counted on to give of their time and talents when needed. Continue reading


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New Year Notions…

I was thrilled to death when I went out to the mailbox yesterday and found a small package from John Howland.  No, I was blown away, stunned and astonished. Hallelujah, about time! Continue reading


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2018 – Looking Back

2018 has been an up and down year for yours truly and detecting most definitely fell into the down category. Try as I might the desire to dig clad and trash is fading rapidly. Suspect a return to my roots back east would help but even that doesn’t make sense given the expense and my physical limitations. Despite losing 45 lbs I still have difficulty with the getting down and getting up part of the pastime. Maybe I need to consider hiring a personal digger. Anyone know if Diggin Brit does that sort of thing? Continue reading


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Old Homesites

Since I can’t wow you with my recent finds (there aren’t any) I will share another throwback from 2014.

Hope your holiday is going well and that your wine rack is full. From Fay and I….Merry Christmas!!

Continue reading


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Monte Berry Q & A…

When I think of Monte Berry the word “sage” comes to mind, as in “wise through reflection and experience”. In fact Google Monte’s name and read all the good things detectorists say about him.  Best of all Monte Berry is always ready to share his knowledge and experiences with others. His contact information is included below…. Continue reading


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Old Friends & Throwback Thursday…

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One neat aspect of social media is the ability to get in touch with old friends and this week I was able to do that again. It came about when I noticed a few visits to my blog from a site called AHRPS. Continue reading


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Nothing New in Wally World!


On Thanksgiving I shared the following great find on the Stout Standards Twitter and Facebook page…..

Pembrokeshire Treasure Hunter Unearths Celtic Chariot


Of course Warsaw Wally, a.k.a.Paul Barford, wannabe archaeologist, was upset and had to find something to discredit the find. Then again it’s in his DNA to piss and moan about anything and everything a detectorist finds or does so nothing new there. Continue reading


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Talking Turkey…

pexels-photo-265393Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and it’s without a doubt the best holiday of the year. Yes I know travel is often difficult and retail employees sometimes have to give up part of their day but it’s still pretty much a stress free holiday. A day where family, friends, football, food & drink is the norm. Continue reading


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What Lies Ahead?

While I’ve seen a great many changes in the pastime over the years the Tesoro, Kellyco situations are ominous in the sense that maybe we’re sliding down a slippery slope that needs to be addressed. Continue reading


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Saturday Stew…

New Ownership

As if the Tesoro and Lost Treasure stories weren’t enough the following announcement came out yesterday.

Mollenhour Gross acquires Kellyco Metal Detectors

It would appear at least that this is positive news but time will tell…. Continue reading


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