Tennis Elbow Anyone?

This update may seem a little disjointed but when both John and I have a glass in our hand and write something, s**t happens.  Hope it all makes sense….

I will start with an addendum to my last post and hopefully answer a few questions that came my way. Then Dr. Howland will take over and talk tennis elbow (yeah I know, that’s what I said).
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If I Had Known…


…I never took that big ole Coinmaster to that park in the 70’s? What if I simply gave up on learning how it worked, threw in the towel, gave up on the whole idea? It was certainly within the realm of possibility. Patience was never ever a virtue of mine. Continue reading


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It Takes All Sorts…

John Howland

This time around yours truly will yield to the Brit John Howland. Thanks Bubba and congratulations on the new addition. Continue reading


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A Barrel of Brainfarts…

This morning after breakfast I sat down to my computer and ventured into cyberspace and what is now the wild, whacky world of metal detecting.  Seems there’s always a crisis and some sort of drama.  Sheesh!

Well time moves on in my little corner of the world and sometimes brainfarts emerge. Yup, you lose…. Continue reading


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Bubba Talks Old & New…

A brief update from the UK via the Malamaute Saloon…. Continue reading


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Q & A with Jim Fielding…

I can best describe Jim Fielding by saying when it comes to metal detecting he has “been there and done that”. He’s a skilled detectorist, a technical guru, an all around good guy and I’m happy to call him my friend.  Continue reading


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Pep Talk From the Pub…

Well, well, well, look who’s back? It’s archaeology’s most beloved detectorist John Howland, heretofore missing in action.  I figured he was either on holiday or holed up in a pub somewhere but then again they’re really one in the same to him. Thanks Bubba…. Continue reading


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I Must Be Crazy…


Hmm, not sure where to start or where to go with this, but I have a feeling it won’t matter anyway when it comes to the treasure hunting audience and regulars on Facebook and Twitter….. Continue reading


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Everything You Never Wanted to Know and More…


Was digging around in the garage and opened an unlabeled box (packed by friends after the tornado) and found a shoe box of detecting finds….all junk, or so I thought. After rooting around I found a 1861 Half Penny, a 1972 Eisenhower dollar, a Mexico 5000 Pesos 1988, a 1964 Quarter with two holes in it, a pin with the logo “Zeke Knows” and a coin like item that I remember very vividly. Continue reading


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Q & A with Jocelyn Elizabeth…

Joceyln Elizabeth, a.k.a. the Relic Recoverist doesn’t need an introduction. She’s well-known throughout the metal detecting community and her blog, YouTube channel and column in American Digger magazine are extremely popular. Joceyln was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to share her story and if you have questions you’d like to ask use the comment section below… Continue reading


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