A Grab Bag of Diddly

Had one of the best days hunting in some time today. Was headed to the neighborhood market (a.k.a. Wally Mart) and when I stepped out of the bug I saw two dimes on the ground. I bent over to pick them up and caught a glimpse of a bill under the car next to me. Continue reading


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The Legend Updates – a Partial Bystander’s Take…

It’s been interesting reading the various reactions and responses to the Nokta Legend updates. It seems to be a love or hate affair with a lot of in-betweens. Personally I think they’re great but before I go any further let me state upfront I’m somewhat partial to the Nokta company, it’s products and how they’re listening to the needs of the end user.  Continue reading


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Nuff Said…

It’s HOT and it’s Thursday. Nuff said! Here’s a throwback from July 2014….

 If I Had Listened to Others

Over the years you detect a lot sites, and of course those you remember most are those that resulted in as lot of great finds.  I was reminded of one of my favorites when a friend forwarded this recent YouTube video. Continue reading


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Bringing the Heat…

Was reading the morning paper with my breakfast yesterday and when I got to my horoscope (I’m a Gemini) I thought someone was playing a cruel joke.  The last two sentences read “Studies reveal buried treasure. Dig a little”.  Continue reading


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Lots of Vision But Little Grandeur…

Between the much too early excessive heat and the whole of what’s already happened this year it’s been difficult getting into a daily routine and finding some sense of normal.  Some sense that this is it Dick so get used to it AND it’s okay pal to not really give a rat’s ass once in a while. Continue reading


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Just Being Old is Not Enough…


When perusing the forums, FB pages, I frequently see photos of old dwellings/homesites with a comment like “just got permission for this and can’t wait” or “this baby has to have a few goodies hiding there”.  Well I’m here to tell you that there’s a good chance you will be disappointed. In fact the odds are you probably won’t find much of anything worthwhile. At least that’s been my experience over the years. Continue reading


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It’s Always Been About WHERE Not WHAT!

I’m still around, living and breathing thank you but just not back to full steam, as in feeling whole. Hard to explain but suffice to say 2022 has kicked my ass big time.

I have time on my hands now and think about detecting, but the itch is not real strong. Add in triple digit heat and it’s easy to make excuses. What would charge the batteries would be a turn of the century (and I’m talking 20th century) site but that’s not on the horizon and hasn’t been for some time now. Continue reading


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And So Goes 2022…

Yesterday was my birthday and as if this year hasn’t been bad enough I had to send my buddy Digger over the rainbow bridge…. Continue reading


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Where do you fit?

In the comments section of my last blog post NJ Fella baptized me with the “legend” label and I want to respond….

First off, this pastime has no legends. None, nada. What we do have are as follows – Continue reading


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Bear with me…

Going through a few storage boxes and making difficult decisions. Decisions that bring back memories and sometimes tears of when things were right with the world.


And since this is a metal detecting blog... Continue reading


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