Here’s the Scoop!

Been a slow few days though my bug is back from the shop and so far so good. Being bug free was not fun. I also decided I needed to work harder to increase my readership. Five is just not a lot….. Continue reading


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All Fobbed Up!

As a followup to my last post… I’ve encountered another glitch in the newer is better BS. My new (used) Beetle is in the shop already. Continue reading


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Do Think Twice, it’s Alright!


Is it worth the money? Can you really afford it? Will it really find more? Is it as advertised?  Exactly what features does it have that your current detector doesn’t have? Should you wait? Continue reading


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Monday Morning Manifesto…

 New to Me…

As if there weren’t enough searchcoils out there already we now have ‘Mars DD Recovery coils’. Yup, another that’s guaranteed to put more finds in your pocket and for those of you chomping at the bit to buy one why don’t you just save time and buy an Electroscope.  More money, same hype and you can retire the day after you use it!

MARS also offers items for those of you more interested in fame than in finding things…

Continue reading


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Don Mituzas Q&A

Don Mituzas and a very happy gal after finding her engagement ring.

I’ve never met Don Mituzas in person. He is an online friend, detectorist and someone I respect. I’ve seen his responses to other TH’ers and they’re always polite, informative and helpful. His finds are outstanding and if you have a baffling coin question just ask Don! He’s the numismatic go to.

Lastly and surprisingly Don does not have any YouTube videos to promote, nor does he have an agenda. He’s just a guy who enjoys metal detecting. Can you imagine that! Continue reading


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Just another day at the Amesbury house….

Just sitting here, getting skinnier by the day and frittering away to nothing. Who knows maybe I will be able to finally get up and down and that would be a good thing.  I think? Continue reading


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Prime Time Treasure Hunting?

Sitting here after a couple of glasses of cheap inexpensive red wine and suddenly had a brainstorm. No not a brainfart. Brainfarts are real.  This is a brainstorm.  An idea I think has merit, but I need your feedback. Continue reading


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Telling It Like It Is…

A cold weather something to ponder. I ponder a lot any more. I ponder whether I should eat a little more pasta and whether or not I should have that sixth glass of wine. Okay just kidding. I never ponder the wine.

Anyway here’s what my aged and fried brain has been working on…. Continue reading


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A Q&A with Joe Patrick

Joe Patrick

Those of you who frequent my blog should know the name Joe Patrick by now. He’s an old friend and also from the era of no frills, no BS detecting.  If after reading this Q&A you have questions, technical or otherwise, ask away in the comments section and Joe will respond.  Continue reading


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It’s Not Going to be Easy…

Now I know you are not going to believe it but I am making New Year’s resolutions and I intend to work hard to make them happen.  I know too that many of you will be there to help and cheer me along…. Continue reading


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