Dave Wise…

Received a lot of good feedback regarding the interview with Dominique and decided to give it another go…..this time it’s Dave Wise, another member of the White’s Test Team.

Dave Wise, the cellar guy…

Dave’s finds (as well as his partner Todd’s) continually knock me out.  I hunted quite a few colonial homesites back in the 70’s and 80’s and never came away with anything close to what he has found.

I usually refer to Dave as “Beanie” but will refrain from doing that here since he was nice enough to answer my questions. Continue reading


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No Need to Knock Yourself Out!

A dilemma that many detectorists face today is finding a place to detect. We’ve beat to death the parks, schools and athletic fields and the current trend or tendency is hitting the rural open field and farmland. The problem of course is how do we get permission to hunt those areas?  Continue reading


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Dominique Ivy Da Silva…

Anyone who metal detects here in the states knows who Dominique is but if by chance you don’t, let me introduce her. Dominique Ivy Da Silva is the much better looking half of the Silver Slingers, with Mark, her companion, being the other half.  They’re also members of the White’s field test team and inseparable, thus the often used “we”, “our” and “us” in the following question and answer session….. Continue reading


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At Ease, At Ease…

“Light ’em up if you have ’em”… Ring a bell with anyone?

In light of two emails I received I need to remind you all (again) that Stout Standards is a “personal” blog and as such offers no guarantee that every post will be about metal detecting or treasure hunting. Continue reading


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Doing Diddly-Squat…

What do you do when you’ve lost interest? Lost the spark, the curiosity, the desire to participate? When those old coins everyone is finding all look alike, as do the videos they use to show them off?  When you flip through the just delivered metal detecting magazine and can’t find anything new, different or interesting? Continue reading


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Bournemouth Brief…


Mary Shafer has a great website and her latest article Detecting Culture is spot on…

Take your time with Land Matters….could help in your research….

Otherwise as far as I’m concerned, meh…. Continue reading


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Just One of those Days…

Another rainy day and nothing much going on here in my little corner of the world. Haven’t been out detecting of late, lost two very dear friends last week and the Pug Bug is no longer parked in front of the house. Other than that everything is hunky dory…. Continue reading


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Believe It or Not, Howland Talks About Sensitivity…

Heavy rain, dreary day here in Texas but Digger Dog bravely charged out the back door, held two very quick ‘bidness’ meetings, had his morning chow and is now back in bed. What a guy!  Anyway today is perfect for an update from across the pond.  This from the Malamute Saloon and John Howland. Continue reading


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This & That and a Reminder…

Was looking through a few of the older entries in my very badly constructed website and came across the Texas Antiquities Act…worth sharing again in case you tax paying Texas tekkies think it’s a level playing field. Continue reading


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From the Treasure Hunter’s Express…

In the past I’ve talked about Paul Tainter, his Treasure Expo’s and his Treasure Hunter’s Express. It’s a quarterly publication that is always filled with information that’s useful and often intriguing. The following is just a small sampling of the types of articles featured in the Express, information that is not readily available to modern treasure hunters but is still very much applicable and timeless information. Continue reading


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