What a Week…

I will start off with “we were  very, very fortunate”

Many here in Texas were not! Bursting pipes, water damage, businesses ruined and the death toll now 60 and counting. We lost power for a good part of Monday, the coldest day, but bundled up, hung in there and it was eventually restored later in the day. Continue reading


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Winter Blast!

Experiencing a nasty winter blast here in the Lone Star – entire state. Just got power back but we’re having rotating/controlled outages because of the cold. Tomorrow morning? Zero degrees with wind chills 15 to 20 below.  Tomorrow afternoon – 2nd round, more snow and this time for good measure a coating of ice.

Sure hope I (and the water pipes) can hang in there. Anyway not sure when I will be back online so here’s a rerun…. Continue reading


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A Q&A with the Gypsy…

Pretty sure a lot of you already know the Gypsy Jewels but if not she’s a Garrett gal and the creator of Zero Discrimination. She also goes by Michele but the last name is for me to know and for you to guess. If you have further questions for her ask them in the comments section below and she will respond.

Hope you enjoy her story and thank you Gypsy for taking the time to grace my site! Continue reading


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The mind is willing…

…but the lower extremities are not.  Scheduled for a scan next Friday to see what’s going on and hoping that it will result in a fix of some sort. I really can’t afford to lose anything else below the waist😜. Continue reading


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Feeling Grateful…

Finally got my first covid shot yesterday and if all goes well will get the second (booster) on the 17th. Was very impressed with the Baylor/Scott & White handling of the process. Fay and I were in and out of there in less than an hour and everyone involved was friendly and professional.

Beside the worldwide shortage/availability of doses I worry that too many people are not going to even bother getting vaccinated. Either they’re leery of it working or stubborn and stupid about needing it.  If you happen to fall into either category please read up, study up, wise up! Be part of the solution and not the problem. Otherwise we may never beat this thing.  Continue reading


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Old Homesites – Old Notes

While working on the new book I skimmed through old notes/writings that were part of my older books and decided to share a few tips on hunting homesites.  Nothing new or earthshattering and I’m pretty sure I’ve shared these here over the past 9 years, but if by chance they help one or two of you then they’re worth repeating. Stay safe… Continue reading


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I Smell Smoke!

Feeling a little under the weather and since it’s throwback Thursday here’s a blog post from back in 2012. It has nothing to do with detecting so all you die-hard tekkies can move on. If however you’re a die-hard carnivore and live in my neck of the woods this place is still smokin’ (and drawing crowds)….. Continue reading


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Metal Detecting 2021

Well I gave my tongue in cheek predictions for this year way back in August. Here’s my more serious😊, foot in mouth outlook –

2021 – What’s Coming?

Well my first response would be “given what happened in 2020 who the hell knows?”. The times they are a changing and not necessarily for the good. I’ll be 80 this year and I’ve never seen anything like it. Continue reading


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Oh the Places You’ll Go!You Used to Go!

Last night I was checking out a forum and saw an all too familiar post that said – thanks for the ad. I’m a real beginner at all this and wondering where’s the best place to go to learn my detector and start finding things”? And of course the responses where what you’d expect – “start in your backyard”, “head to the closest tot lot, school”, “make a test garden”, etc.. Continue reading


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This is New Years eve, a time to celebrate and I’m hoping that you do it in the comfort of your home. Don’t take the chance, stay in, stay safe, stay alive and have one for me. Cheers!!



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