Technology…What’s Next?

Was reading my morning paper and found a fascinating, yet worrisome, article announcing that Delta Airlines would be installing baggage drop off stations that employ biometric facial-recognition technology. With these stations you tag, weigh and drop off your bags without any interaction with a Delta employee. No mention of how much this will cost (and you know it will) nor how this will work if they are not storing images? Continue reading


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Bob Sickler, the Detectorist…

Bob Sickler, with custom made Nautilus, circa 1993

Not sure how many of you know the name Bob Sickler, but those of us who have been around the hobby for anytime certainly do.  Bob’s background, accomplishments and contributions are well known and his book “Detectorist” is without a doubt one of the best metal detecting books ever written.

I’ve known Bob for over 30 years and whenever I ever had questions about how a metal detector worked (or didn’t work) I would pick up the phone, call him and get the answers.  I’m tempted to share more here but I will let Bob do it via the following Q & A session….hope you enjoy! Continue reading


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Ponderings From Over the Hill…

I have no doubt that after you read what I am about to say you will call me a few choice names, laugh and label me an old hoiker who is out of touch and over the hill. Well no argument here. I am an indeed an old tekkie whose been over that hill for sometime BUT because I’ve invested 45 years in this pastime I now claim the right to criticize, piss and moan, and laugh right back at you!   Continue reading


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How the Brits Do It…

The Great White Hunter searching a Roman site….many moons ago

Uncle John Howland tells how the Brit tekkies do it.  Now If only we had their history…. Continue reading

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Butch Holcombe, American Digger…

More Q & A and this time it’s Butch Holcombe.  Butch really needs no introduction. His name and his American Digger magazine is synonymous with treasure hunting and more precisely, relic hunting.  Thank you Butch… Continue reading


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History from Mr. Howland…

John Howland

Thanks to John Howland for the following, who had to remind us that our “some” of our coinage came courtesy of the Brits.

I will remind him however that here in the colonies we at least have cold beer!  Continue reading


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So Der Ya Go!


Thanks for all the nice comments about the recent Q & A posts. Keep in mind they are only as good as the interviewees, a.k.a. the individual answering the questions.  If you enjoy them but have ideas on how to make them better or have questions you would like asked, let me know. Next up? Butch Holcombe, followed by Bob Sickler (The Detectorist)…. Continue reading


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Meanwhile at the Saloon…

Thanks to John Howland for the following bits and pieces, brainfarts and provocations from the U.K…

The Times are a-changin’

by John Howland

Contrary to how I’m usually depicted by archaeology’s Warsaw wing as a wholly unsavoury anti-archaeology bast**d (not that I give a damn anyway) I’m more than happy to report that mutual co-operation continues to grow between ‘us’ and ‘them’. Continue reading


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Allyson Cohen, a.k.a. Detecting Diva…

Allyson Cohen, a.k.a. the Detecting Diva


I may be wrong but one of the first gal tekkies to come on the scene in “recent years” was Allyson Cohen, a.k.a. Detecting Diva. I’ve never had the privilege of meeting the Diva but we have talked on Skype and stay in touch via email/social media.  From what I’ve heard she’s a dedicated, hard-working detectorist who will kick your butt when it comes to finding oxen shoes.

Sorry Diva, couldn’t resist…. Continue reading


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Is It the Detector or is it You?

If you have to ask if it’s too early to drink wine, we can’t be friends…..

I’m always amused at those YouTube videos with a tekkie opening the box of their brand new detector. Not putting it together or using it mind you…just a grand opening of the carton. Sort of a “voila…. lookie what I got”. Don’t get wrong I am thrilled too when I get a new detector but I want to keep that emotional, poignant and deeply moving unboxing moment to myself.  Continue reading


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