Just Being a Disagreeable Dick…

I was going to began with “Where to start….but honestly there’s nothing at all to say. Just been a “meh” few days here. Not feeling that good, weather’s not that great and most of what I see on social media is the same ole. Same tekkies, same finds, same YouTubers, same BS. I’m well aware however that the majority of you are into all of the above and I say good for you. You’re a better man than I Gunga Din… Continue reading


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Thought I would attempt to answer a comment/question from my last post – 

Ed B. said

“Dick….with all your many years of experience in the detecting hobby you must have a ton of stories to write about including individual hunts that you came up with something fabulous or the ones where you got skunked. You must have quite a few things you could write about concerning your time with Garrett and/or FMDAC. Either way your audience here would enjoy reading them. In the meantime, enjoy the wine”. Continue reading


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Old Enough to Know Better (Finally)…

Pretty sure I’ve written the following before. This time however I think I’ve finally figured it out. I understand the handwriting on the wall. Just took me a while and another futile attempt at making it work… Continue reading


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A Twofer…

Now don’t get excited or have a heart attack but if the rain holds off this afternoon I’m actually going to head out with the Simplex. Need to hear a beep or two and see how many downs and ups I can handle. Should be interesting.

In the meantime it’s Throwback Thursday and a twofer at that. The first “Old Names, Old Times” is from August 2015 and “Let Me Introduce Myself” is from April 2019.  Continue reading


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Q & A with Nokta Nomad Matt Pfeil…

Telling his story this time around is Californian Matt Pfeil, detectorist and member of the Nokta Makro Nomads team. If you have any questions for Matt fire away in the comments section. Thank you Matt for sharing your story! Continue reading


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So What’s Up?

Thought it only appropriate that I say “something” for April fool’s day so here’s a little bit of dis and a little bit of dat….. Happy Hunting. Continue reading


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Q&A with CT Todd

I’ve never met Todd Yerks, but have heard nothing but good things about him and I’ve been a fan of his website “Dig Colonial or Go Home”. He’s also featured in in many of Andy Sabisch’s books and a featured speaker at his boot camps. Thanks Todd for taking the time to share your story here…. Continue reading


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Different Strokes for Different Folks…

On my most recent post JT commented –

“these days when a “newbie” hits the internet and asks what detector should I buy. amazingly most tell him to get the one that introduces itself by “parachute”. Seen this many, many times, and the recommendation makes a lot of sense, because this company “from down under” is really, really killing it! no bulls*it ,and the model “most” recommend is great for a beginner, or a seasoned pro”.

No question the detector (and the company) he’s referring to is popular. Over and above it’s descent from an airplane in 2017 it’s been producing for an overwhelming majority of detectorists.  JT’s comment however got me thinking about everyone’s choices when it comes to detectors. Just what is it that makes you so sold on a particular brand or model? Continue reading


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Fat & Lazy!

In a funk (again). Uninspired to do anything except eat, drink and nap.  I could of course blame it on covid but I won’t because I haven’t any of the symptoms and have already had my two shots of bourbon Pfizer. It’s more of a “meh” or “blah” feeling that’s taken over and just when the weather is getting decent.

Anyway I’m at a loss to say or write anything useful or informative – not even a brainfart. Sorry.  It is however “Throwback Thursday” and the following is from June of 2017. Continue reading


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Allan Cannon Q&A…

Not too long ago I was perusing social media and a name from the past popped up – Allan Cannon. Last time I saw Allan was in the mid 80’s when I was with Garrett.  Allan was in sales and marketing for Compass and we’d run into one another at various events throughout the country. Anyway we re-connected and I discovered that the old guy is still swinging a coil and has been busy searching for and socking away as much gold as he can. Continue reading


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