I have been involved in the treasure hunting/metal detecting pastime for over 45 years now, and this blog offers me a place, and a reason to look back and put things in perspective. While my metal detecting experience is very much like yours, it took me on a somewhat different journey that changed a great many things in my life. Some good, some not so good but all worthy of a look back.

You will not find a lot of technical babble here, and you might call a lot of what I have to say simplistic. That’s fine. That’s me. I still believe that research is the most important part of this pastime and it won’t matter how expensive your detector is if you aren’t hunting in the right places…

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Understand as well that most of whatever success I’ve had occurred because I entered into the pastime at an ideal time, and also because I spent an inordinate amount of time researching sites. Add to that a lot of in-the-field trial and error and a helluva lot of luck!

Please note that this is a “personal blog”. As a result I may talk about my family, my dogs, my love of food and wine, my musical background, my memories, my aches, pains, warts and whatever else might come to mind. No guarantees or as my friend and contributor John Howland likes to say “Stout Standards is an acquired taste”….

I hope you will always remember that as detectorists, as amateur treasure hunters, we are bound by a common thread, and it is this friendship, this camaraderie, this sharing, that is so much more important than any treasure we can ever hope to find.

My goal is to keep Stout Standards updated regularly, and make it a blog you will want to revisit from time to time. If you have any suggestions or comments please let me know via the contact link above….

6 responses to “Welcome

  1. Frank Blazi

    Hi Dick,
    This is my first and only blog experiance,so please be gentle with me.😄

    • Hi Frank, thanks for stopping by. It’s not hard at all….and I always try to be kind. When you find a topic or post to your liking just click on”comments” under the post and type away. Thank you again and hope all is well with you and your family.

  2. John Marvin

    HI! I am new here. I have been metal detecting since the early 1980’s. I don’t belong to a club but do have a couple of friends that I detect with. I watch you-tube videos to get ideas. I especially like Aquachigger and Nuggetnogin. I also watch the Diggers, Jocelyn Elizabeth, Zero Discrimination, The Hoover Boys and many more. I use the Bounty Hunter, AT-Pro and AT-Max. HH

    • Hi John, welcome…nice to have another old timer come on board. Familiar with all those YouTube tekkies except Zero. Will check him out. My problem is getting bored after about fifteen minutes of watching them. It’s also hard for me to get excited over some of their finds. I’ve been a coin hunter all these years and I’m certain I threw out what a lot of detectorists are now calling “relics”…

      Curious, when do you use the Max and when do you use the Pro, or is one simply a backup? Thanks for taking the time to comment John. Don’t be a stranger…jump in any time and share your take.

      • John Marvin

        Zero Discrimination is a girl named Gypsy and has her own channel.

        I collect a few relics(civil war bullets, buttons, rings, etc,) but mainly coins. I use the AT-Pro & Max depending on where I am hunting. Both are good in some areas. If I am hunting with a lot of other detectorists, I prefer the Max. I find that I get more interference with the Pro from chatter caused by the other detectors. I will be in Jefferson Texas again for the Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt in late March this year. Lots of different machines causing interference. Nuggetnogin, Aquachigger, Jocelyn, Gypsy, Ringy, King George and many others were there last year. Hope to see you there if you are going.

      • John will check Zero out and gotcha on the interference thing. Sorry I won’t be at the Garrett hunt. Not big on events like that anymore, not to mention I’m out of the loop with all that’s going on in the pastime. “Over the hill” is probably a better term. Good luck there….

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