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Random Thoughts & Brainfarts…

If you can’t ship it shove it!

The manufacturers are playing daringly with their new model previews/announcements and hype. For example Minelab just announced “another” new model (X-TERRA PRO) that’s supposedly killing it in the Asian marketplace, and I’m thinking aren’t there a whole lot of pissed off tekkies still waiting for their Manticore? Continue reading


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Familiarity Breeds Content(ment)!

When I received my Nokta Simplex three years ago I was anxious to take it out on a test run. I hadn’t any place in mind to test it and honestly I thought for the price it had to be just another… I was wrong! Continue reading


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Iced In & Brain Dead!

Well I’ve just mindlessly Netflixed through three days of freezing rain, sleet and a helluva lot of ice. Winter it seems is trying to compete with the endless hot summers here in Texas and doing it with an exclamation mark. On the plus side I haven’t lost power and that’s a big ____ deal. Today? The temps “should” start rising, the ice melting and my mood improving. At least I’m hoping for that. I hate this crap! Continue reading


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