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Q & A with Dan Hughes…

Dan Hughes

Not sure how many of you remember Dan Hughes but his radio podcasts provided me and many other detectorists great listening over the years. Dan stopped doing them about three years ago but fortunately for us he left them out there in cyberspace. Continue reading


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20 Reasons to Read This Blog…

Because the last post was kind of “crappy” and because it’s “Throwback Thursday” here’s a repeat….
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Just Scattershooting Again…

Pound the Ground – Adirondacks

After talking with a few tekkies who were there it appears the “Pound the Ground” event was a success. One mentioned there were things that could have been better thought out/planned but over all everyone thought they got their money’s worth.   

As I mentioned previously it would be nice to see this event (or some event) become the equivalent of Detectival. An annual event that is the “must attend” get together for detectorists, dealers, distributors and manufacturers. It could be an event where the manufacturers debut their new products and the place where you get to meet the YouTube personalities/entertainers.  Continue reading


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Joe Grasso recently commented

Dick, how about doing a post regarding Youtube videos? Like many, I enjoy watching them – the better ones anyway. But I have one pet peeve…

Let us hear the damn signals!!! I want to go along for the ride, and listen to what the hunter is listening to. The full immersive experience. Yet, so many bypass that and skip directly to the hole with the prize inside. Continue reading


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Detectival 2019 – Mermaids & Metal Detectors

Detectival 2019 (photo courtesy of Regton, Ltd.)

Well Detectival 2019 is over and how good or how successful it was depends on who you talk to or whose social media comments you read. While there were a few complaints about the lack of finds most ‘seem’ to have had a great time. Having not been there all I can add is that I love the overall hype and promotion that is Detectival. Continue reading


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The Anticipation is Killing Me…

Hmm, well not really….

Detectival is this coming weekend and we should be seeing and hearing about the Minelab Vanquish and the Notka Simplex+. There’s also the possibility that an American company will surprise with a new machine though that’s just a hunch of mine.

And of course I’m anxious to see how Minelab will introduce the Vanquish. Airmail delivery is a tough one to top.  Finally just how available will these machines be. Ask a Nox user who placed their order right after Detectival 2018….

So we wait…

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A Q&A with Dawn Chipchase, a.k.a Digger Dawn…

Pretty sure Dawn Chipchase doesn’t need an introduction. After just five years of digging she’s a YouTube favorite, a Garrett gal and a very successful detectorist. Dawn thanks for taking the time to share your story! Continue reading


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A Quick Update…

I received a couple of comments this morning from someone who for whatever reason has decided to come back and complain about my blog. He supposedly was through reading it five years ago but apparently just couldn’t stay away. Continue reading


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Joe Patrick Commented…

Decided to make this comment from Joe Patrick (see An Offer You Can’t Refuse) a post simply because it’s spot on and worth a read.  Joe is another old timer (sorry Joe) and has shared a lot of his experiences here and I owe him a beer or two. Continue reading


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An Offer You Can’t Refuse!

Flush with Money?

Someone asked about the various detectors I owned and used over the years and whether or not I thought they would still find stuff today. The answer is of course they would. What they won’t do I’m sure is go as deep as the models currently on the market. The technology has changed drastically AND so has the end user strategy. Continue reading


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