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Happy 4th…

Well here we are, July 4th, Independence Day 2020! A day that usually means beer, burgers and fireworks. This year however I’m a little leery.  2020 has been a booger bear in more ways than one and tomorrow? Hate to think…. Continue reading


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A Q&A with Julie Argent

It was 2011 when Julie Argent decided to join the rest of the family and started detecting. Today?  She’s showing them how it’s done! Thanks Julie for sharing… Continue reading


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A Way With Words…

John Howland


Asked my friend John Howland to help me with the glossary for my latest book but I think it was a mistake.  So far I’ve gotten these back…. Continue reading


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Whites Electronics…

I found out yesterday that White’s Electronics is closing it’s doors – hopefully not for good.

The White’s name and brand goes back many years and is responsible for a legion of dedicated users/fans who I’m sure will continue to be loyal if the company can somehow find a way to get back on track. This alone ought to be attractive to a potential buyer or investor.

My direct association with the company goes back to the early 80’s when the late Ken White Sr. took a personal interest in my endeavors to form a national organization for detectorists (FMDAC). He and Alan Holcombe supported the effort in numerous ways and I will forever be grateful for that assistance and for having known and been in their company.

Since then White’s has continued to support the pastime, as well as a great many worthwhile causes (often without fanfare or publicity) all the while producing a great product. Today I’m saddened yet hopeful that down the road White’s Electronics will once again be the sought after brand it deserves to be.

Good luck and Godspeed to everyone at White’s Electronics.



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A Q&A with KG & Ringy

Anybody swinging a coil knows who KG & Ringy are but do you know who George Wyant and Tim Saylor are? Well read on and find out…. Continue reading


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A Q&A with Ed Merrill

I suspect many of you are already familiar with the DetectEd Outdoors videos but if not let me introduce Ed Merrill, a born and bred New Englander whose finds and adventures make me homesick for the east coast.

Continue reading


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Sad News From Across the Pond…

I was saddened to learn today that UK detectorist Stephen Grey’s wife Rachael passed away. My condolences to Stephen and family…

Stephen and Rachael

The following is a guest post Stephen was kind enough to write for me in July of 2016…

Continue reading


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Groundhoggin’ During Covid…

Well guess who got off his butt went detecting? Yup, this dilapidated dude and I took along my old (as in 40 years) Garrett VLF/TR Groundhog.  Story line – Old guy, old detector looking for old coins. Continue reading


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It’s All Good Sport…

Interesting the chatter and excitement regarding the forthcoming Garrett Apex.  Not only did the pandemic allow Garrett to fine tune things it allowed them to capture potential buyers by announcing a release date and putting out two teaser videos, one showing a silhouette of the detector and the other with it hidden behind a pickup somewhere in “hill country”. Continue reading


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The Garrett “Ace” Apex…

Well yesterday I dutifully sat in front of my PC and watched with bated breath the unveiling of the much hyped Garrett Apex detector. Oops no, wait a minute, hang on, excuse me I mean the Garrett “ACE” Apex…

Adding the Ace prefix really disappointed me and in my mind rendered the word “apex” meaningless. Yup sorry, when I hear that word I’m thinking the top, the pinnacle, the crest, peak, summit, zenith, whatever. In this case it’s simply the top of the ACE line of detectors. I had assumed (and hoped) it was going to be a new “top of the line” model. Continue reading


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