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Going Zonkers…

Well here I sit, trying to figure out what to do that might be useful, entertaining or fulfilling and that won’t result in my getting the coronavirus.

Initially I was one of those adventurous shoppers scouting the neighborhood markets for toilet paper but I gave that up when I remembered I had a few archaeological periodicals in the garage. Continue reading


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Be Smart, Be Careful…

Where we’re at – March 18, 2020

Well what a difference a few days make. Things have gotten crazy and we’re all now preoccupied with stockpiling toilet paper for a rainy day. As a result I sit here on my ass with a large glass of Cabernet and wonder how I’m ever going to make it through the week with only 20 rolls?  Continue reading


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Guess What Day It is…

 Well it’s Thursday and you know what that means…here’s a throwback (“Unadorned Fundamentals”) from three years ago…

Want to be a successful detectorist without a lot of fanfare? Well here’s my take and guess what?  You can do it alone. No need for a posse, fan base or groupies and in fact with all the new participants it just might be the way to go…. Continue reading


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No Such Thing…


I started detecting back in the 70’s and one constant that’s still around today is the debate over which detector is the best. Back then it didn’t matter what machine your buddy was using or what he was finding yours was better. Or at least YOU thought so. The head to head, mine is deeper comparisons usually resulted in exchanges like “Well you can’t compare a TR to a BFO” or “Maybe here but I’d kick your ass in my backyard” or“not fair, you have a more expensive machine” et al…. Continue reading


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Grilling & Busting Chops…

I’ve been real lazy of late and I apologize. Just taking care of the aging body and making the doctors wealthier. It’s probably wise as well to keep my mouth shut lest I put my foot in it….

On the other hand I have a few brainfarts… Continue reading


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Never Get So Busy…

…that you lose track of friends.

I received an email the other day from Rosalie Ray. Rosalie was the first secretary of the FMDAC and her husband Archie was our legislative chairman. The email said “Dick,  I don’t know if this email address is right for you.  If you get this please let me know”. Continue reading


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Musings & Mumbo Jumbo…

Yesterday the door bell rang and when I went to the door I found a package lying on the porch. A package from my good friend Randy Bradford and inside was Volume 3 of the series “Selections from the National Prospector’s Gazette & Treasure Hunter’s News (Karl von Mueller)”.  Continue reading


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Perish the Thought…

My Doppelganger

One of the perks of writing Stout Standards has been getting to know other writers/bloggers. One in particular stands out – John Winter. Continue reading


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Old Problem – New Idea

Amazingly you get a pretty good feel for what’s going on simply by perusing social media, club websites and a few of the major forums. New detectors, accessories, equipment malfunctions, extraordinary finds and hunts tend to receive the most attention but one topic however is constant – finding places to detect. Continue reading


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Here’s to 2020!

Well it’s the “take the tree down – return the  gifts – swear you’re never going to put lights on the roof again – afraid to look at the credit card bill” time of the year.  It’s also the time for penning New Year’s resolutions. Take my advice and make a few copies. It saves you having to write the same thing year after year.

Continue reading


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