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Bear with me…

Going through a few storage boxes and making difficult decisions. Decisions that bring back memories and sometimes tears of when things were right with the world.


And since this is a metal detecting blog... Continue reading


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Not That You Asked…

It’s a Start

I took the Simplex out for a walk earlier this week and other than after glow aches and pains it felt good. Good to be out in the fresh air and good to be thinking about fun things for a change. Found a few clad but refrained from digging anything over three or four inches. Temps are wicked right now and the ground didn’t want to budge. Continue reading


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Downloads – A Sign of Things to Come?

Fixes now, upgrades next?

I’m loving the current battle between the two most recent detectors to hit the scene. It’s a battle to see which detector can outperform the other and I suspect it’s a battle to see which engineers can outwit the other, all being done under the guise of marketing and via downloads. Continue reading


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Back into the Swing of Things (Kinda…)

Getting back into the swing of things or back to normal just doesn’t happen when you’ve lost a loved one. It’s a hole in your heart that will be there forever so bear with me….

Next I want to thank you all for your cards, emails, prayers and condolences. They’re greatly appreciated. As for services the only gathering we will have is a celebration of Fay’s life and that will take place May 1st. Details are at the end of her obit. Continue reading


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It’s Been a Long and Very Hard Day….

Very early this morning I lost my wife, my friend and my companion of 55 years. Despite that fact that her passing was expected it was hard…very hard. Continue reading


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Home Again

For those of you who have written and asked…

After 18 days in the hospital Fay is finally home, albeit with hospice care. The IV’s, X-rays, injections, scans, echo-cardiograms, MRI’s, blood tests, exams are for all intents and purposes over with. Continue reading


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Just Tired…

Just wanted to say that my absenteeism is not the result of my recent surgery or recovery. All is well in that area and I very much appreciate the enquiries and concern. This time around it’s my better half. Fay has been in the hospital now for 9 days and has gone through a battery of tests, scans, x-rays, blood tests and so far no good answers. Please send off your best vibes for a speedy recovery. Her problem is complex and not something I want to try to explain or share here. Continue reading


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You’all Need to Get a Life…

Last update I had wanted to get into the ongoing stink concerning the Deus II, The Nokta Legend, Minelab Equinox, the authorized and unauthorized testers, the naysayers, trolls, know it all’s and the gullible.  I couldn’t then but will give it a whirl now… Continue reading


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Have been trying to write something about the Legend/Deus II back and forth but can’t just yet. The mind is not in sync yet with the body or visa versa. Hard to explain, I’m sorry. They (the cardiac wizards) tell me this is not unusual after bypass surgery and that it will improve. I hope they’re right.

Here’s a repeat, maybe even a threepeat from February 2016 that somehow seems to fit the occasion. Hang in there with me please… Continue reading


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Slow Go…

Okay, still alive, though somedays just barely. Still feeling weak and tired but getting around some and hoping rehab will help me gain my strength back. Had post-op meeting with surgical group yesterday and all “seems” to be in order with regards to X-rays, blood work and wound. I’m also cleared to drive starting next week (look out Texas). Continue reading


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