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Thought I would attempt to answer a comment/question from my last post – 

Ed B. said

“Dick….with all your many years of experience in the detecting hobby you must have a ton of stories to write about including individual hunts that you came up with something fabulous or the ones where you got skunked. You must have quite a few things you could write about concerning your time with Garrett and/or FMDAC. Either way your audience here would enjoy reading them. In the meantime, enjoy the wine”. Continue reading


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Old Enough to Know Better (Finally)…

Pretty sure I’ve written the following before. This time however I think I’ve finally figured it out. I understand the handwriting on the wall. Just took me a while and another futile attempt at making it work… Continue reading


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A Twofer…

Now don’t get excited or have a heart attack but if the rain holds off this afternoon I’m actually going to head out with the Simplex. Need to hear a beep or two and see how many downs and ups I can handle. Should be interesting.

In the meantime it’s Throwback Thursday and a twofer at that. The first “Old Names, Old Times” is from August 2015 and “Let Me Introduce Myself” is from April 2019.  Continue reading


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Q & A with Nokta Nomad Matt Pfeil…

Telling his story this time around is Californian Matt Pfeil, detectorist and member of the Nokta Makro Nomads team. If you have any questions for Matt fire away in the comments section. Thank you Matt for sharing your story! Continue reading


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So What’s Up?

Thought it only appropriate that I say “something” for April fool’s day so here’s a little bit of dis and a little bit of dat….. Happy Hunting. Continue reading


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